Monday, February 15, 2016

See You Tomorrow at Cosmetologie 2016!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I'll be attending an event called The Cometologie Fair, here are the deets!

PEPGroup Inc. proudly invite you to attend the latest edition of Cosm├ętologie 2016! ​
Shop till you drop at Cosm├ętologie 201​6​: Beauty, Wellness & Trends on ​Feb.​ ​16,​ 201​6​ at ​SMX Convention Center SM MOA,​Pasay City​​

​It is a one-stop shop event for Beauty, Wellness & Trends.  The expo is a place where we can test various products – from cosmetics, hair care, nail care, fashion, salon equipment, massagers, aromatherapy, and the list goes on.  The expo will run on​​ February 16, 2016, at SMX Convention Center SM MOA, Pasay City will be the biggest trade show of its kind in the Philippines, Expo hours are from 10: 00AM to 7:00PM.

Wonderful reasons to visit the show:
​ Increase your network of suppliers as both established and new players in the beauty industry are exhibiting their products and services during expo;

Network with the country’s beauty experts, most notably, the professional stylists of the Philippine International Cosmetologist Association (PICA), together with other topnotch stylists in the industry;

Watch, learn and enjoy the prestigious Touch of Excellence hair & makeup competition, where some of the best from over the country are competing once again for the gold;

Enjoy discounts and special promos offered by suppliers only during the expo.

For more information, please check the Cosmetologie Fair on Facebook or call PEPGroup Inc. at 9297993, 9208136 or email us at

And that's it!

See you there!

Paula ;)

Little Hearts Nail Art

Hey guys

Happy Hearts season! What I have for you today is a Nail Art that I did for Valentines Day, I still have it on my nails today, hehe (i'm too lazy to change my nail art now) I usually do a series of nail art before valentines day, but this year I decided to do just one, the one that I have on for Valentine's.

This nail art is actually my first ever attempt on doing the Stamping Decal technique, It took me 2hours to finish 10 decals, one for each nail, It's harder than doing FreeHand art (yas FreeHand Nail Art is still easier for me) I only have 2 decent stampers that's why making the decal consumed a lot of my time, I'm now considering ordering a stamping mat, because TBH even though the task is quite tiring, I had fun filling up the hearts.

After I finished making the decals, I thought I did a pretty decent job, so I confidently applied it over my base color and added top coat, after a few minuites, BOOM! a lot of small bubbles showed up, I don't know what caused it though, I think I need to learn more about this technique, and that's it! Oh by the way before i forgot here's a list of the polishes that I used for this nail art;

*Mint base- Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet
*Hot pink- Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon
*Red- Revlon Parfumerie China Flower
*Gold- Maybelline Bold Gold

Here's one more pic!

And that's it for today!

Hope you guys liked it!

You can always tell me what you think about today's featured nail art thru your comment. 

'till next time!

Paula ;)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Nude Floral Nail Art

Hey Guys!

It's been a while, I had a really BAD break last month, the nail on my pointer and my middle are the victims.. they got caught on the car door handle, it was a really painfull break, I had to trim down all of my unaffected nails, that's why I was MIA for a little while.

Anyways what I have for you today is a simple Floral Nail Art.