Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cute Sea Creatures Mani for my Birthday!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick nail art post, I just want to share to you guys the mani that I did and wore on my nails for my birthday.

Every year I always make sure that my current favorite polish is a part of my Birthday Mani, and this year my base color is Orly Sparkling Garbage, it's one of my all-time favorite because it's a combination of my two fave things, color green and holographic glitters.

I had a hard time deciding what kind of design will go over my base, after a almost an hour of looking in my stash of plates, I found this animal plate BP-L063 that I've got from, it have a lot of different cute animal patterns, and found this dolphin and starfish pattern which is the perfect image for my base, they look like they're swimming in a sparkling sea.

BTW the polish that I used to color the dolphins is Caronia Day Off from the Escapades Collection, and for the Starfish I used WithShyan Geranium from the Nail It Box that Althea Korea sent me last month.

The photo below shows a peak of the stamping plate that I used. :)

And that's it for today!

I hope you guys liked it. :)

'Till next time!

Paula ;)

Friday, June 16, 2017

Unboxing plus Nail Art featuring Althea x WithShyan Nail It Box

Hey guys!

It's been a while, I've been very busy these past few weeks but I still update my instagram with some nail art every now and then.

Anyway what i've got for you guys today is my first ever unboxing post, yay! A few weeks ago, Althea Korea got in touch with me and asked me to do an unboxing of their Nail It Box, a Collaboration box with WithShyan, a well know Korean Nail Polish brand, and of course who can say no to a box full of nail goodies specially when you're a nail polish collector and enthusiast!?

So enough of my intro, off to the unboxing!

Here's what the box looks like, of course it was wrapped in the signature Althea Korea Pink wrapper, but I already ripped it out of excitement to see the content of the box that's why I wasn't able to take a photo. :p

First thing that you will see after opening the box.

And, underneath the zip baggie a separate box full of nail polish and essentials.

Now I'm gonna start enumerating the contents one by one;
*Cute Toe Separators 
*Floral Paper File
*Pre-cut nail sponge
*Ruby Pusher (this one I really like because it's rubber and not the usual metal pusher)

*1 Genie Sticker
*3 Favorite Sticker

9 Colorful polishes, (from Left to right, top to bottom)
*Pink - Look at me ( 븱은보라 )
*Blue - Lapiz Lazuli ( 라피스 라즐리 )
*Chartreuse - Green Tea Latte ( 녹차라떼 )
*Green - Leaf ( 나믓잎 )
*Deep Yellow - Ripe Mango ( 잘익은망고 )
*Bright Yellow - Spring Forsythia ( 봄개나리 )
*Shimmer Pink - Bouquet ( 보케 )
*Red - In the Honeymoon Trunk ( 신흔여행 트렁크 안어 )
*Coral - Geranium ( 제라늄 )

The nails essentials:
*1 Nail Polish Remover (with an awesome scent)
*Filler Base
*Peel off (so love this because this prevents nail art mess and clean-ups)
last but not the least,
*UV Gel Top Coat (and it doesn't need lamp curing which is amazing!)

Of couse my unboxing experience won't be complete if I don't use the goodies for a nail art.
Here's the finished product :)

Products Used:
*Filler Base
*Geranium, Lapiz Lazuli, Ripe Mango, Spring Forsythia, Leaf, Look at me, and In the honeymoon trunk.
*UV Gel Top Coat
I must say that these products are really great if used correctly with the complete system, I wore this mani for a whole week and it's still chip free, that's an amazing feat for a mani that didn't went under a UV lamp.

All in all what I can say about the box is that it's definitely a bang for the buck offer, you'll get a lot of amazing nail products, (it's actually like a complete DIY gel mani set) and it's super cheap! The polishes are really awesome, great formula, wide brush and dries faster that normal. 😍

You can get the Althea x WithShyan Nail It Box HERE you better hurry though because they only have a limited quantity of boxes available. You can also check the Site for other awesome korean cosmetics and skin care products. 😊

And that's it for today!
Hope you gals liked it!

'Till next time,

Paula 😘

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Be Faby-lously Summer ready with Faby Love Kolor by Kevin

Hey guys!

Last April 3, Faby Philippines invited me to a Pampering Event at D'Expert Salon and Spa, located at Makati, it's an event to kick off the summer featuring the 6 fun and bright shades from the Love Kolor by Kevin Collection.

Here are the swatches of the Faby Love Kolor collection. These were also our color options for that afternoons' pampering sesh.

Oh! and there's even a photo of me on the station where my mani was done. It's the little touches like this that makes an event more special and memorable. :)

Here's a photo of my finished Fabylous summer ready mani, it's so hard to choose between those 6 yummy looking colors so I ended up having a skittle mani, I chose 5 out of the 6 colors available. The bottle that i'm holding is Faby Parking Violation, it's the color that's on my thumbnail, from pointer to pinky; Mrs.Liberty, Chelsea Boy, Radio City and my ultimate fave from the collection, Sunset Hudson.

And last but not the least, of course a selfie with my fresh fun skittles mani. ;)
And that's it for today!

About FABY
FABY captures the essence of Italian style with its brilliant line of professional nail care products. Each of FABY's 250 luxurious, richly-pigmented nail lacquers is the answer to every nailophile's dreams!

What's aweaome about this brand is that it's BIG 5 FREE and Cruelty Free.

About D'xpert Salon
D'expert Salon & Spa is a destination dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value. They also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.

Please look forward to more manis featuring Faby real soon!

'till next time!

Paula ;)

Monday, March 27, 2017

Snake Nail Art featuring Faby Nail Laquer

Hey Everyone!

Happy Monday!

What I got for you today is a simple but fun nail art that I did for a collaboration with a group of fellow nail enthusiast in Instagram, here's my snake mani.

I actually did this nail art a few hours before the deadline, the process was quiet easy, I applied my base color, i used Faby Nail Lacquer, Never Disagree with Faby! for this mani, sponged some green chromes, then stamped some net like image over my base to give a snake skin like effect, the final touch is the snake charm on my accent nail, and voila! ;)

Oh and here's a swatch of Faby Nail Lacquer, Never Disagree with Faby! from the Faby Posh Collection, on my nails are two medium coats, love the formula! Not too thick nor too thin, and drying time is normal. Picture taken under natural light.
If this is the first time you heard/read about Faby, it's a new foreign brand that recently landed here in PH. What's awesome about Faby is that each lacquer is chip resistant, this mani lasted for 5 full days on my nails(except the charm) a lot of my mani chipped within the day or survived until the next day max! Another awesome fact about Faby Nail Lacquer is that it's BIG5 FREE meaning it dosn't have Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, and Camphor, oh, last but not the least, Faby products are Cruelty Free and never tested on animals!

Faby offers over 175 gorgeous colors! I'll be featuring more here soon so stay tuned!
They also offer nail treatments and other essentials like Top coats(I really loved their basic top coat, see my recent insta post.) and Base coats.

Here's one last shot of my snake nail art!

And that's it for today!
If you want to know more about Faby Nail Lacquer, you can visit their sns accounts;

I would also love to know about what you think about todays post thru your comments. You can also see my works on;

'Till next time!

Paula! ;)

*products feautured was sent to me by the mentioned brand, all opinions are my own. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Stamping Fest

Hey Guys!

Happy Thursday! What I've for you today is a compilation of my recent stamping manis, I wanted to improve my stamping skills, so i tried doing different kinds of mani using different kinds of stamping technique.

I have 3 different stamped nail art to show you guys, so let's start!

First up is this basic stamping over a colorful gradient.
I used 5 different polishes for the gradient base, all are from Girl Stuff, the nude is called Sophia, the rest is the complete GirlStuff Rave Neon Collection.
The stamping plate that I used for this is BP-21 from Born Pretty Store.

Here's another shot.

2nd mani was created using the stamping decal technique. I used the complete Rave Collection from Chic Nail Color for this mani, may base color is called Backstage. What's great about the stamping decal technique is that you can alter the image to your liking, see what I did to my ring fingernail? I replaced one of the squares with a free handed heart.
Stamping plate that I used is BPL-009 from Born Pretty Store.

Here's another shot.

Last but not the least, is this super simple basic stamping using gold over a pretty purple base from Sally Hansen. The gold polish that I used is Bold Gold from Maybeline and the stamping plate is BPL-027 from Born Pretty Store.

And that's it for today!

Hope you guys liked it!
You can always tell me your thoughts about today's post thru your comment. ;)

'till next time!

Paula :)

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Guest Post: Gift Ideas a Nail Artist Will Rave About!

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! This is a post from my friend who owns and operates Gift Canyon, a gift-centric website. If you are having trouble looking for gift ideas, you can check that blog out!

Nail art had become so popular among the fashionably inclined teenage and young adult ladies. Those who can do nail art are very rare, though. A person must have both the ability to create colourful, flawless artwork on a very small canvass and the passion for caring for the nails of the hands and feet. Have a nail artist who create such tiny dazzling art on (hopefully, your) nails? Here are some gift ideas a nail artist will geek out at!

1. Nail Art Supplies

Nail polish, glitter and stick-on accents… A nail artist has so much talent and ideas that she cannot have too much of nail arts supplies for her crafts. The beauty of this gift idea is that even if you get a duplicate from her supplies kit, she will eventually run out and will use your gift!

2. Hand and Foot Salve

Good looking nails are nothing on rough and hard hands and feet. Kamay at paang magsasaka? Ew!!!

To help her maintain the surroundings of her art, you can also give her a nice smelling hand and foot salve. My favourite would be the hand and foot salve from Human Nature which smells amazing with its creamy, minty smell. It also takes care of calluses, making them easier to scrub off after just a few days of religious application.

3. Toe-Touch Spa Machine

You know the foot massage machines that manicurists use in salons? They are called toe-touch spa machines. Since a nail artist subjects her feet to stress while doing a lot of nail art, a quick foot massage will help rejuvenate the feet before any new nail polish application. It also keeps the skin of the feet looking nice, which is a big turn on for the boys!

4. A Trip to the Spa

Most ladies love getting pampered, so why not take her to a spa with you? After your spa date, she will have both Instagram-ready face and skin that will go well with her beautiful hands and feet! #nofilter for real!

Also, after the spa date, you can go to a nice dinner to cap the stress-busting night.

5. Create a Blog for Them

Getting them a self-hosted blog with their name as the domain is a nice idea. This will give her the avenue to express herself, communicate with people of the same interest and even earn from her hobby.

And that's it! I hope you liked Kit's post.
For more gift ideas, you can check his website, Gift Canyon

'till next time!

Paula ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

QT Nail Color x Wow Nails: Easy Denim Nails

Hey guys!

Happy Sunday! What I've got for you today is a very quick and easy tutorial on how to do this super simple denim nails, so enough of me and off to the tutorial!

Here are the products that we need;
*QT Nail Magic Moondust
*QT Mattely Yours, Matte Top Coat
*and some Round Gold Studs (1mm)

First Step is to apply QT Moondust, (On my nails are two medium coats) make sure that it's completely dry before proceding to the next step.

Next step, apply a coat of QT Mattely Yours on each nail.

Last step, while the matte top coat is tacky, place the studs at the base of your nail then press gently, you can use more than two studs on each nail if you like, or you can also experiment with the way you place the studs on your nails.
And that's it! Easy peasy right?

You can buy QT Polishes Online on their FB Page;

'till next time!

Paula ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Born Pretty 4cm XL Clear Marshmallow Silicone Jelly Stamper with Cap & Scraper Review

Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday!

What I've got for you today is my review of a Jumbo Clear Stamper and Scraper set from the Born Pretty Store.

Here's what the set looks like, aside from the jumbo clear stamper, it also comes with a cap, and a scraper.

This stamper is super easy to use, you don't have to prime it for it to work, you just have to roll the head over the sticky side of a piece of tape or over a lint remover to remove the dirt and tadaaa! you're ready to stamp!

Here's what it looks like after I picked up an image from a plate, really impressive, it picked up the image really well.

Here's what it looks like upside down.

Here's a photo of my finished mani, I used the jumbo stamper to stamp the image on my nails.

Complete Product Details : 2Pcs/set 4cm XL Clear Marshmallow Silicone Jelly Stamper with Cap, Nail Art Stamper and Scraper
Product Code: #26498
available at:

What are my final thoughts about the set? It's really great, it's huge which is perfect for plates with large images, it also great for reverse stamping, best part is it's clear, perfect for when your doing double stamping. This is definitely my current favorite stamper!

If you're interested to try this awesome stamper, you can go to you can also use my code MWN10K31 to get a discount on your order.

And that's it! hope you guys liked it!
You can always tell me your thoughts about today's post thru your comment.

'till next time!

Paula ;)

*products featured were sent to me for my honest review, all opinions are my own. :)