Monday, February 27, 2012

Bobbie Smashed Collection Series (Part 2) Smashing Violet

Hello Everyone!
Finally! i'm back and now, i'm going to show you guys the continuation of the smashed series i started a few weeks ago, (yeah i know shame on Paula for being MIA for so long) it's just that i really have lot's of other stuff to do, anyway enough of  my same old excuses, let me talk about the polish haha..
Here we go..

Here is Bobbie Smashing Violet (please excuse the blurred photo)
This photo was taken indoors under artificial light.. and the crackle polish looks more of a blue than purple, but IRL i promise it looks Violet, it's just that the camera won't give justice to the photos sometimes.. :)

Bobbie Smashing Violet is a violet cracking polish, and it's actua;;y my favorite from this collection.
Formula of this one is much more better than smashing red, it has the right amount of thickness and it's quite easy to apply than the red one.

More photos.. all of these are taken indoors w/ flash

And that's it for today's post, hope you guys liked it.. and always don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments :)
Please don't forget to come back for the last of of this series.

Till next time


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bobbie Smashed Collection Series (Part 1) Smashing Red

Hey Girls!

Isn't it a very great day don't you guys think? For me it is... hehehe.. anyway, what i have for you ladies today is another series, actually i got this whole Bobbie smashed collection December last year, but for the same reason, (which is i have lots of other things to do and i don't have time)  it took me until today to start this series, so let's start!

Let me show you, the first star of this series,
Bobbie Smashing Red..
Bobbie Smashing Red is obviously a Red Cracking Nail Polish, Formula of this one is quite watery, and the finish product depends on how you apply it.

Here are shots, taken outdoors under the shade..
As you can see, the crack design on my nails are not uniform, let me explain why,
on my pointer and middle finger, i just applied the nail polish normally, while on my ring and pinkie finger, i applied the polish by dabbing it little by little on my nails.

And here are photos taken indoors with flash..

As you can see, it shows a hint of orange when the flash hit my nails..

That ends part one of the series, please stay tune for the two more NP from the Smashed Collection.

Till next time,


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

It's a Pink Wednesday w/ Mwah! Bobbie Gum

Happy Wednesday Ladies!

And because it's Wednesday, i will show you guys a very cute pink nail polish today, it's another Mwah! nail polish, and i'm really sure that you will like it.. ;)

Here is Mwah! Bobbie Gum..
This one is a very cute nude nail polish :)

Mwah! Bobbie Gum is a very light pink nail polish filled with silver micro shimmer, too bad the camera didn't caught even a tiny bit of the shimmer effect.
On my nails are 3 medium coats of bobbie gum, this nail polish is super sheer, formula is a bit watery, but still application went smoothly.

More pics...
these are taken indoors with flash..

These are taken outdoors, under direct sunlight..

This one, taken outdoors, under the shade..

And another batch of photos taken indoors with flash..

And that's it for today, hope you guys liked it,
please don't forget to leave your comments, i love to read and answer all of them.

Till next time,


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tony Moly Nail Enamel, BL03 True Blue

Hi Ladies!

I'm back again... I really can't wait to show you this one, it's the first time that i posted 2 times in just a single day hahaha... i'm just super amaze with this nail polish, i felt that i need to show you this baby, ASAP... so enough of the introduction, here we go..

May i present to you, Tony Moly Nail Enamel BL03, True Blue..
Isn't it beautiful??

BL03, True Blue, is Dark Blue nail polish filled with lots of this "magical" royal blue shimmer.
The best thing about this nail polish is that, it's the first time i owned a nail polish that's super pigmented and opaque, on my nails is just 1 thin coat of BL03, the formula is OK and application is not an issue. :)

Now, let me show you more pics..
the following are taken outside, under the shade,,

And this last two are taken indoors, with flash..

Oh, by the way, when this NP is dry, it has this semi matte finish, so top coat is a must for a glossy look, the TC also enhances it's beauty.

So that's it guys! hope you liked it!
Please don't forget to tell me what you think by leaving a comment.

Till next time,


Monday, February 6, 2012

24k Nail Polish Flakes in Crystal Teal

Hello Ladies!

Finally, sorry for being MIA for the last few days.. i was super busy doing some school work and other things.. anyway, because of my long time disappearance i prepared a special post for everyone :) Because i know that flake polishes are the hottest thing right now, i decided to do a post about a local flakie that i got here with me..

Here is 24k Crystal Teal..
Yeah, i know what you guys are thinking the moment you saw it's name at the same time it's appearance, yes, it appears green even when it's named TEAL hahaha..

Now let me continue, Crystal Teal is a very beautiful nail polish consist of a green-teal flakes suspended in a clear jelly base.. how i love this baby..
I layered crystal teal over LA COLORS COLOR CRAZE in PERFECT PLUM, after seeing the photos, i said to myself that i should have use a very light or nude color as base, i'm too late. hahaha.
On my nails are two coats of crystal teal over my base color, the formula of this one is a little thick, but application is still not an issue.

The following photos are taken indoors with flash..

Can you see that hint of Teal in some of the flakes?

The next two pics are taken outdoor under the shade.

And these last two photos are taken outdoors under direct sunlight.. (please excuse the extra dry cuticles hehe )

The flakes shows more of its teal color under direct sunlight.

So that's it for today, hope you guys liked it..
and always don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments, i'll be very glad to read and answer all of them.

Till next time ladies!