Monday, February 6, 2012

24k Nail Polish Flakes in Crystal Teal

Hello Ladies!

Finally, sorry for being MIA for the last few days.. i was super busy doing some school work and other things.. anyway, because of my long time disappearance i prepared a special post for everyone :) Because i know that flake polishes are the hottest thing right now, i decided to do a post about a local flakie that i got here with me..

Here is 24k Crystal Teal..
Yeah, i know what you guys are thinking the moment you saw it's name at the same time it's appearance, yes, it appears green even when it's named TEAL hahaha..

Now let me continue, Crystal Teal is a very beautiful nail polish consist of a green-teal flakes suspended in a clear jelly base.. how i love this baby..
I layered crystal teal over LA COLORS COLOR CRAZE in PERFECT PLUM, after seeing the photos, i said to myself that i should have use a very light or nude color as base, i'm too late. hahaha.
On my nails are two coats of crystal teal over my base color, the formula of this one is a little thick, but application is still not an issue.

The following photos are taken indoors with flash..

Can you see that hint of Teal in some of the flakes?

The next two pics are taken outdoor under the shade.

And these last two photos are taken outdoors under direct sunlight.. (please excuse the extra dry cuticles hehe )

The flakes shows more of its teal color under direct sunlight.

So that's it for today, hope you guys liked it..
and always don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments, i'll be very glad to read and answer all of them.

Till next time ladies!


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