Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tony Moly Nail Enamel, BL03 True Blue

Hi Ladies!

I'm back again... I really can't wait to show you this one, it's the first time that i posted 2 times in just a single day hahaha... i'm just super amaze with this nail polish, i felt that i need to show you this baby, ASAP... so enough of the introduction, here we go..

May i present to you, Tony Moly Nail Enamel BL03, True Blue..
Isn't it beautiful??

BL03, True Blue, is Dark Blue nail polish filled with lots of this "magical" royal blue shimmer.
The best thing about this nail polish is that, it's the first time i owned a nail polish that's super pigmented and opaque, on my nails is just 1 thin coat of BL03, the formula is OK and application is not an issue. :)

Now, let me show you more pics..
the following are taken outside, under the shade,,

And this last two are taken indoors, with flash..

Oh, by the way, when this NP is dry, it has this semi matte finish, so top coat is a must for a glossy look, the TC also enhances it's beauty.

So that's it guys! hope you liked it!
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Till next time,


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