Friday, June 16, 2017

Unboxing plus Nail Art featuring Althea x WithShyan Nail It Box

Hey guys!

It's been a while, I've been very busy these past few weeks but I still update my instagram with some nail art every now and then.

Anyway what i've got for you guys today is my first ever unboxing post, yay! A few weeks ago, Althea Korea got in touch with me and asked me to do an unboxing of their Nail It Box, a Collaboration box with WithShyan, a well know Korean Nail Polish brand, and of course who can say no to a box full of nail goodies specially when you're a nail polish collector and enthusiast!?

So enough of my intro, off to the unboxing!

Here's what the box looks like, of course it was wrapped in the signature Althea Korea Pink wrapper, but I already ripped it out of excitement to see the content of the box that's why I wasn't able to take a photo. :p

First thing that you will see after opening the box.

And, underneath the zip baggie a separate box full of nail polish and essentials.

Now I'm gonna start enumerating the contents one by one;
*Cute Toe Separators 
*Floral Paper File
*Pre-cut nail sponge
*Ruby Pusher (this one I really like because it's rubber and not the usual metal pusher)

*1 Genie Sticker
*3 Favorite Sticker

9 Colorful polishes, (from Left to right, top to bottom)
*Pink - Look at me ( 븱은보라 )
*Blue - Lapiz Lazuli ( 라피스 라즐리 )
*Chartreuse - Green Tea Latte ( 녹차라떼 )
*Green - Leaf ( 나믓잎 )
*Deep Yellow - Ripe Mango ( 잘익은망고 )
*Bright Yellow - Spring Forsythia ( 봄개나리 )
*Shimmer Pink - Bouquet ( 보케 )
*Red - In the Honeymoon Trunk ( 신흔여행 트렁크 안어 )
*Coral - Geranium ( 제라늄 )

The nails essentials:
*1 Nail Polish Remover (with an awesome scent)
*Filler Base
*Peel off (so love this because this prevents nail art mess and clean-ups)
last but not the least,
*UV Gel Top Coat (and it doesn't need lamp curing which is amazing!)

Of couse my unboxing experience won't be complete if I don't use the goodies for a nail art.
Here's the finished product :)

Products Used:
*Filler Base
*Geranium, Lapiz Lazuli, Ripe Mango, Spring Forsythia, Leaf, Look at me, and In the honeymoon trunk.
*UV Gel Top Coat
I must say that these products are really great if used correctly with the complete system, I wore this mani for a whole week and it's still chip free, that's an amazing feat for a mani that didn't went under a UV lamp.

All in all what I can say about the box is that it's definitely a bang for the buck offer, you'll get a lot of amazing nail products, (it's actually like a complete DIY gel mani set) and it's super cheap! The polishes are really awesome, great formula, wide brush and dries faster that normal. 😍

You can get the Althea x WithShyan Nail It Box HERE you better hurry though because they only have a limited quantity of boxes available. You can also check the Site for other awesome korean cosmetics and skin care products. 😊

And that's it for today!
Hope you gals liked it!

'Till next time,

Paula 😘