Friday, July 19, 2013

Bobbie Emerald, Mattified!

Hi guys!

TGIF! What a very exhausting day for me, anyway, what i got for you today is one of my favorite colors from Bobbie Nail Creme, Bobbie Emerald, and since they recently launched a Matte Top Coat, i decided to play with it.. hehehe... ;) Just continue reading after the jump to see all of the swatches.
Bobbie Emerald is a frosted emerald green nail polish, on my nails are 3 thin coats, formula is a bit thick but easy to work with, it's also quite sheer but becomes opaque with 3 coats.

Pics are taken under direct sunlight.

Bobbie Emerald +  1 coat of Bobbie Matte Top Coat
I applied the matte top coat to all of my nails except for my index fingernail, for you to be able to see the difference the top coat can make. The formula of this baby is quite thin but manageable.
And that's it! All in all, i really loved Bobbie Matte Top Coat, it makes normal nail polish look cool! (yeah i'm a matte addict) and it's very affordable (Php29.75 for a 8ml bottle). Chic center corp. always surprises me with their new releases, i'm really excited for what's next, hope they release a line of matte glitter topper too! (right girls? *wink!) Please let me know what you think thru your comments.

Till Next Time!



  1. I have emerald. Tried it by itself and thought it was too sheet. I tried it over black and it is stunning!

  2. OMG I have been looking everywhere for a matte top coat but it's almost impossible to find here in the Philippines! I have resorted to asking friends based in Europe and the States to send me some. Thank you so much for your post, going out to buy it one of these days!