Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hi everyone!
I'm back from my uber looong Holiday Vacation!
First of all I want to greet all of my lovely readers Happy 2014!! Next, what I got for you guys today, is my 2014 / New Year Nail Art, I already posted a pic of this nail art on my Instagram account (@wownails0816) last Jan.1, 2014,  in this post, you will see more pics and I will discuss the details of the said nail art.. please continue reading after the jump if you want to know more about my 2014 nail art ;)

I wanted the background of my mani to be radiant orchid since it's the color of the year, but after I painted my nails radiant orchid, I thought that the background of this mani needs to look more festive since it's indeed a new year mani, so I took out my sparkly wine colored polish and did the Saran Wrap technique, then, i started to add some small aqua and gold glequins around my nails. The last step was the easiest part, writing 2014 ;)
The polishes that I used for this nail art are the following:
Girl Stuff Lav Lov - Radiant Orchid Background
Girl Stuff Dare - Wine colored layer
Nature Republic Mint Sky - 2014 highlight
and last but not the least,
La Belle Black Gold - 2014

Here are more pics!

And that's it for today! Hope you guys liked it. ;)
Again, Happy New Year Everyone!!

You can tell me what you think about my New Year Nails thru your comments.
Oh by the way, you can follow me on instagram, my username is @wownails0818 ;)

Till next time!!

Paula :)

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