Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm sooo BACK!! featuring my Poring Nail Art

Hey Guys!
It's been more than 2 months since my last post on this blog, I'm really sorry for my absence.. from now on i'll just make sure that i'll be able to post atleast once a week. ;)
So what I got for you guys today is a nail art design that i did on my nails i think more than a month ago, here is my Poring Nail Art Design.
 Please continue reading after the jump to know more about my mani :)

My Poring Nail Art was inspired by the cute characters from a MMORPG that i'm playing, called Ragnarok Online, maybe some of you are familiar with the mentioned online game, i used 9 or 10 different nail polish to create this design, it really is hard to do a detailed nail art using nail polish only as my medium, I should try using acrylic paint next time. :)

Here are more pics of my nail art..

And that's it!
Hope you guys liked it!

You can tell me what you think about this nail art thru your comments :)

Till next time!

Paula ;)

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