Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Caronia Art of Dance Special Collection Swatches and Review

Hello Guys!
Wow! it's nice to be back! So what i got for you gals today is a swatches and review post about this super awesome collection from Caronia, called the Art of Dance Collection.

Caronia tied up with Ballet Philippines to release this special collection called The Art of Dance.. the collection features three gorgeous shades called Chasse, Glissade, and Pique.
To know more about Caronia The Art of Dance Collection, please continue reading after the jump. ;)

First up is Caronia Chasse,
this pretty baby is described by Caronia as Royal Blue, but it is actually a very stunning Cobalt Blue Crelly(cream+jelly), on my nails are two medium coats, the formula rocks, it's not too thin nor too thick, and it dries quite fast.

here are more pics of Chasse..

Next up is Caronia Glissade
This one is described by Caronia as a Vibrant Green.. as for me, i still can't decide if i'll describe this pretty as a bright sea green crelly or a bright evergreen crelly.. haha... this baby changes it's color everytime i changed my lighting, i even tried taking a pic under the sun but i kinda failed... on my nails are two medium coats, formula is great, and drying time is normal.

Here's a shot under direct sunlight..

Here are a few more pics of Glissade...

Last but not the least is Caronia Pique.
This beauty is described by Caronia as a Salmon Pink.Salmon pink crelly polish.... on my nails are three thin coats... this one is a bit more less opaque than Chasse and Glissade, but the formula is OK and drying time is normal.

Here are more pics!

So all in all this collection rocks! the colors are all great, plus this is the first ever BIG 3 FREE Caronia Nail Polish Collection.. my ultimate fave from this collection is Chasse, i love Glissade because it's green, but the cobalt blue one is just simply awesome.

And that's it!
Hope you guys liked it! You can tel me what you think about this post thru your comments ;)

Till next time!

Paula :)

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