Monday, May 2, 2016

Stamped Triangles Nail Art

Hey guys!

Happy Monday! It's been a while, I was quite busy these past few weeks, I finally found some time to post something here today. What I have for you guys is my current mani, my Stamped Triangles Nail Art.

This nail art is actually a Radial Gradient (i'll be writing a separate post about that) stamped with black, stamping plate that I used is BPL-027 from the Born Pretty Store.
Polishes that I used for this mani are all from QT Nail Color;
QT Nail Polish Dream Girl
QT Polish BFF
QT Nail Polish Wish
and QT Nail Polish Gotta Go.

Here's one last shot.
And that's it for today!

Hope you guys liked it!

You can always tell me your thoughts about today's post thru your comments. ;)

'till next time!

Paula :)


  1. Hey, Paula! Nice design! :)

    Just wanna ask if you use a stamping polish for the stamping? If yes, what brand and where did you buy it? I also live in Manila!

    Cheers! :)

    1. Hi! I'm currently using 3 different brands of black for stamping, BK, JOCARSTE, SINFUL COLORS.. You can follow me on IG @WOWNAILS0816 para we can talk there :)

  2. Totally love the color and the patterns is so pretty..^^