Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My first Ever Radial Gradient Nail Art

Hey guys!

I was quite busy earlier, but quite lucky too, because I'm able to do a quick nail art post for you guys right now. ;)

What I have for you today is my First Ever Radial Gradient Nail Art. I've been seeing alot of radial gradients on IG these past few months, and that made me want to try the technique myself.

I used 4 polishes (aside from the top coat that I used to smooth everything out) for this mani, all of 'em are QT Polishes, the bottle that I'm holding is QT Dream Girl, ah.. the name of the polish makes me wanna sing the chorus of Shinee's Dream Girl Hehe.. (shout out to my fellow k-pop fans out there!). Other polishes that I used are;
QT Wish
QT Gotta Go and

This is one of the easiest nail art technique that I've tried (second to dotting), same process with the normal ombre technique, you just apply the polish on the sponge in radial form instead of parallel, then dab away! it can be quite messy though, if you don't own any kind of cuticle shield, liquid palasade etc.. in my case, good thing my younger sister always keeps a bottle of white elmers glue in her art supplies stash (hooray for artsy little sisters!) and that's what I used to prevent the messy aftermath of this nail art.

I'm okay with the finish product, but not super satisfied, there are some part where the colors did not blended well.. it's my first try anyway so I'm hoping that my next radial gradient mani will be more awesome than this one! Should I try a pink mix next time? hehe.

Taken under natural light

w/ Flash

And that's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it!

Oh! you can always tell me what you think about today's featured Nail Art thru your comment. ;)

Know more about QT Nail Color and it's maker Weens Cosmetics Philippines by checking out their SNS accounts;

'till next time!

Paula ;)


  1. Beautiful gradient!
    I love your nails!


  2. This is lovely. I've been meaning to try this for a long time too.

  3. I like this gradient nail art. I think that this design is so cool. All this geometric designs, bright colors, gradient art, black stripes are trendy. I do my nails by myself and use . There are also some tutorials.