Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bobbie The Wonder Nails Swatches & Review

Hey Gals!
Happy Thursday! So, due to insistent nail polish lovers demand, i'm now bringing you gals the swatches and review of Bobbies' newest offering The Wonder Nails, whoa, another first from Chic Center Corp. (i love them for having lot's of first when it comes to nail polish, remember the Chic Sandy Collection?') and now, enough of my intro, off to the polishes..

Here let me show this to you first, it's a flyer of The Wonder Nails that i got from the 5th Phil-cosmetics expo... (front)

(back) as you can see, printed on the back side are the instructions of how you can make The Wonder Nails work.
 It's some kind of a magic nail polish.. hehehe... the color becomes darker when a clear nail polish or top coat is used to draw some designs on top of it, you can use a stripper brush or a dotting tool or simply just the brush of your clear polish.. It comes in three (3) colors; Oh My Green!, Blue Wow, and Pink Magic. Now let me show you some swatches..

First up is Bobbie The Wonder Nails Oh My Green!..
On my nails is one medium coat of Oh My Green!, it's oh soo pigmented. Oh my green! is a light dusty aqua green.

And here's what it looks like after i draw some dots using my dotting tool and clear polish.
 The french accent on my ring finger is an added bonus! ;)

Next up is Bobbie the Wonder Nails Oh my blue..
 On my nails is another one medium coat, very pigmented like oh my green, it's a dusty baby blue polish.

What it looks like after i did some diagonal french design with my clear nail polish.

and last but not the least, Bobbie The Wonder Nails Pink Magic..
 IRL pink magic is a dusty light rose pink nail polish, on my nails is another one medium coat.
This is my ultimate favorite from the wonder nails collection.

I decided to draw small hearts and dots using my clear polish and dotting tool.. here's the finished product..

And that's all of the pics..

Bobbie The Wonder Nails is a great collection, the formula is a bit on the thick side, but application is a breeze, another thing about this polish collection that i love is the pigmentation, i can go with just one medium coat. Now, my concerns, i can't tell if the three polishes are chromes or frosted (i think it's a hybrid). Another thing is that i wish there were more colors, the first time i tried this collection, i wanted a purple and yellow one, what do you gals think?' All in all this nail polish collection is amazing and it's the first of it's kind here in the Philippines, (not sure if they have something like this overseas) Bobbie never cease to create very unique and lovable nail polish collection. Don't forget to add them on Facebook

Bobbie The Wonder Nails is a Big3 Free Nail Polish Collection, meaning it doesn't contain any DBP, Toluene, and Formaldehyde. It will be available very soon in leading department stores near you. ;)
One last thing about the retail price, i'm still not sure if it will be retailing for Php54.75 or Php59.75 just like the Smashed Collection.

Don't forget to tell me what you think.
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*products shown on this post are given to me for a honest review.*


  1. Don't know how I feel about these polishes. I feel like it would bother me knowing parts of my nail didn't have topcoat.

  2. Cute. :) I think it has the same concept of putting a matte top coat then a glossy one.

  3. China Glaze got this version already, it is call "Tranzitions" consisting of 6 colors but it is just released this January 2013 :)