Thursday, September 6, 2012

The 5th Phil-Cosmetics Expo Experience

*warning; pic heavy*
Hey Everyone!
Happy Thursday! So, it's been a while (ugh again..) since i last posted something here... anyway, here's what i have for you gals from the phil-cosmetics expo that was held last august 31- september 2, 2012. Oh by the way, please excuse the blurry pictures, i only have my old digital camera in my bag the day i visited the expo.

So Here we go..

I was at the expo last Sept 1, 2012, (it was the second day, Saturday at around 3pm)
It was also the day of the Nail Art Competition sponsored by Chic Centre Corp. (makers of Bobbie) and Tutti Fruity (if i'm not mistaken) the competitors had 1 hour and 30mins. to finish their designs.
There are two categories for the contest; Your Hearts Desire
Here are some pics that i got when the competition started..

Here are some pics from the awarding.. i wasn't able to take photos of the nail designs.. (sorry ;( )

Now off to the booths.. I was actually a bit disappointed at the said expo because the number of participants is quite small plus, not all of them are cosmetics related.
All in all there are only three (3) booths that i liked.

First up is the only Nail Polish Related booth in the expo, The booth of Chic Centre Corp, makers of Bobbie Nail Care products.
That's Ela from Chic Centre Corp. We had a little chat about their new products.. she's really nice.. :)

Here's Bobbies newest offering to nail polish lovers out there.. "The Wonder Nails"
I'll be doing a swatches and review post about these babies very soon so stay tuned..

Here are the actual bottles, it comes in three colors; Blue Wow, Oh My Green! and Pink Magic.

These are Chic 2way Design Nail art pen and brush...
It comes in five colors; Patent Blue, Gum(pink), Chili(red), Sunshine(yellow) and Moonlight(shimmery silver).

Next is the Second Wave of the Bobbie Smashed Collection, The Bobbie Metallic Smashed Collection.
It comes in five smashing colors; Smashing Blue, Smashing Pink, Smashing Green, Smashing Silver and Smashing Bronze.

Last but not the least is the Bobbie Stick-On Nail Polish and Bobbie Stick-On Metallic Nail Polish.
Both comes in five different designs. ;)

Everyone who dropped by at their booth are considered lucky because Chic offers 20% off on their products at the expo.

And here's a pic together with the awesome gals from Chic Centre Corp. before i left the expo.
I'm the second one from the left, who wears grey and my signature red headband. ;)

Next up is the booth of my favorite online shop, Digital Traincase (they always bring the latest collection of imported nail polish brands here in he philippines).. Their newest offering is the OPI Pink of Hearts and OPI So So Skullicious minis.

Last but not the least is Make Up Hub.. it's the first time that i saw this shop. they sell different kinds of imported make-up
The girl in the pic is Ms. Sarah, the owner of the shop, i was able to have a very short chit chat with her and her brother (i forgot to ask his name) who is very friendly.

I was attracted to check out their booth because they sell Models Own and Lime Crime Nail Polish.. :)
And that's it!
So, what do you think? Are you excited about the latest products from Chic Centre Corp.??
Tell me what you think thru your comments..

Till next time!


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  1. Hi Paula!
    Anything like this in Cebu? I hope they will have something like this soon. I am curious about the Wonder Nails line from Bobbie. Is it holographic? I am looking forward to the swatches. I haven't seen the bobbie nail stick on or Chic two way brush and pen here in Cebu yet. Maybe soon. :)

    God bless!