Saturday, December 7, 2013

NOTD: My First ever Christmas Themed Nail Art

Hi Everyone!
Happy Saturday! This is going to be super quick, but pic heavy :D. What i got for you today is my NOTD, it's my very first Christmas Themed Nail Art this year, and i'm really excited to share it to you guys.
 Continue reading after the jump to know more about my NOTD ;)

My NOTD is a very simple Sponged Gradient Manicure using a sparkly green nail polish called Girlstuff Carmen, and a sparkly red polish named Girlstuff Defy, then, i topped it with some gold hex glequins.

Here are more pics!

What it looked after i applied matte topcoat.

And that's it!
Hope you guys liked it!

You can tell me what you think about my NOTD thru your comments ;)

Till next time!

Paula :)

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