Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Guest Post: Gift Ideas a Nail Artist Will Rave About!

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Happy Monday! This is a post from my friend who owns and operates Gift Canyon, a gift-centric website. If you are having trouble looking for gift ideas, you can check that blog out!

Nail art had become so popular among the fashionably inclined teenage and young adult ladies. Those who can do nail art are very rare, though. A person must have both the ability to create colourful, flawless artwork on a very small canvass and the passion for caring for the nails of the hands and feet. Have a nail artist who create such tiny dazzling art on (hopefully, your) nails? Here are some gift ideas a nail artist will geek out at!

1. Nail Art Supplies

Nail polish, glitter and stick-on accents… A nail artist has so much talent and ideas that she cannot have too much of nail arts supplies for her crafts. The beauty of this gift idea is that even if you get a duplicate from her supplies kit, she will eventually run out and will use your gift!

2. Hand and Foot Salve

Good looking nails are nothing on rough and hard hands and feet. Kamay at paang magsasaka? Ew!!!

To help her maintain the surroundings of her art, you can also give her a nice smelling hand and foot salve. My favourite would be the hand and foot salve from Human Nature which smells amazing with its creamy, minty smell. It also takes care of calluses, making them easier to scrub off after just a few days of religious application.

3. Toe-Touch Spa Machine

You know the foot massage machines that manicurists use in salons? They are called toe-touch spa machines. Since a nail artist subjects her feet to stress while doing a lot of nail art, a quick foot massage will help rejuvenate the feet before any new nail polish application. It also keeps the skin of the feet looking nice, which is a big turn on for the boys!

4. A Trip to the Spa

Most ladies love getting pampered, so why not take her to a spa with you? After your spa date, she will have both Instagram-ready face and skin that will go well with her beautiful hands and feet! #nofilter for real!

Also, after the spa date, you can go to a nice dinner to cap the stress-busting night.

5. Create a Blog for Them

Getting them a self-hosted blog with their name as the domain is a nice idea. This will give her the avenue to express herself, communicate with people of the same interest and even earn from her hobby.

And that's it! I hope you liked Kit's post.
For more gift ideas, you can check his website, Gift Canyon

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