Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Great Stamping Fest

Hey Guys!

Happy Thursday! What I've for you today is a compilation of my recent stamping manis, I wanted to improve my stamping skills, so i tried doing different kinds of mani using different kinds of stamping technique.

I have 3 different stamped nail art to show you guys, so let's start!

First up is this basic stamping over a colorful gradient.
I used 5 different polishes for the gradient base, all are from Girl Stuff, the nude is called Sophia, the rest is the complete GirlStuff Rave Neon Collection.
The stamping plate that I used for this is BP-21 from Born Pretty Store.

Here's another shot.

2nd mani was created using the stamping decal technique. I used the complete Rave Collection from Chic Nail Color for this mani, may base color is called Backstage. What's great about the stamping decal technique is that you can alter the image to your liking, see what I did to my ring fingernail? I replaced one of the squares with a free handed heart.
Stamping plate that I used is BPL-009 from Born Pretty Store.

Here's another shot.

Last but not the least, is this super simple basic stamping using gold over a pretty purple base from Sally Hansen. The gold polish that I used is Bold Gold from Maybeline and the stamping plate is BPL-027 from Born Pretty Store.

And that's it for today!

Hope you guys liked it!
You can always tell me your thoughts about today's post thru your comment. ;)

'till next time!

Paula :)

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