Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Bobbie Grass Skirt + Fish Egg Manicure (Caviar Manicure)

Hey Ladies!
Happy Wednesday! And Happy 4th of July to my beloved followers from the United States! I know it's been ages since i last posted, i'm really having a tough time managing my schedule, hope you gals understand.  So, enough of my drama, off to the nail polish, here's what i got for you today..

Here on my nails is Bobbie Grass Skirt
Isn't it a very cute color? Continue reading after the jump to know more about my manicure..

Bobbie Grass Skirt is a pale, well like a light yellow-green creme nail polish.
This is a really nice color to wear for summer..

On my nails are two thick coats of Bobbie Grass Skirt, this one is a little bit on the sheer side.
The formula of this is OK, and the application went smoothly.

After taking pics of the manicure, i decided to play with the microbeads that i bought from the local craft store a week ago, since the color is pretty close to the color of bobbie grass skirt, i did a fish egg manicure on my ring finger and thumb for an accent.

Here's more pics of the manicure.

And that's it! what do you think?

Hope yo guys liked it, and please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments, you can also leave your suggestions. ;)

Till next time!


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  1. cute! love the bright green polish and beads!