Friday, July 13, 2012

The Caronia Nail Swirl Madness Continues

Hey Ladies!
Sorry for my frequent absences... i was so busy these past few weeks and it's really hard for me to adapt to my new schedule (now that i'm not a student).. anyway, enough small talk, let me discuss about the real business, here we go..

Months ago the country's leading nail, hand, foot care brand, Caronia introduced the Caronia Nail Swirls, a nail technique also known as The Water Marbling Technique, i wasn't into water marbling before, not after the Caronia Nail Swirl Madness Started. Now i'm experimenting w/ the different nail designs that i can do with the nail polishes on water.

First up is my Girl on Fire Swirls (yes, it's Hunger Games inspired, i'm a huge fan of the Trilogy)

As you can see the design on the last two nails is a bit different than the first three, it's because the black polish won't cooperate.. quite of an epic fail i think.

Here are the Nail Polish that i used for the Girl on Fire Manicure...
From Left to Right: Caronia Black Velvet, Caronia Desire, Caronia Tangerine and Caronia Sweet Surprise

Next up is my Summer Symphony Swirls

This one turned out pretty, but after i applied the topcoat, bubble marks (visible white dots) started to appear.

Here are the nail polish used for this manicure..
For the Accent Nail from L-R: Caronia Tangerine, Caronia Sweet Surprise and Caronia Kiwi.

And for the rest of the nails from L-R: Caronia Blueberry, Caronia Kiwi and Caronia Sweet Surprise.

Here are more pics of the two feature Manicure.

And... that's it! (I know the post is quite pic heavy..) 
So what do you think? It was fun doing the manicure, i really love the fact that i can wear all the colors i wan't at the same time, as long as they compliment each other. I think i'll be posting a lot of water marbled design in the future for you gals.

And that it for today! I hope you liked it!
Don't forget to tell me what you think about this post thru your comments.
Also, you can suggest a nail design/ tutorial that you want me to do.

Till next time!



  1. you did great! i miss caronia polishes!

  2. I wonder when I can do successful swirls. I always end up with a mess. hayz!

    I'm your new follower Pau.

    1. Thanks for being a follower! I know you can do it! just practice more.. and here are some tips for you.. make sure that you use room temp water and a small cup for the water ;)