Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caronia Tropical Doll Collection (Swatches+Review)

Hi Everyone!
Happy Saturday! It's been a while since i last did a swatches and review post... so that's what i got for you gals today.. actually, this post was suppose to be done last May since the nail polish collection that i'm gotta  talk about was launched last April, but i had a hard time finding them in the local department store (yah i know it's lame..) finally i was able to find the whole collection on a local drugstore last June, but unfortunately, i don't have so much time to do the swatching and everything then. Luckily i will be able to show this very bright and awesome nail polish collection from Caronia..

Here is the Caronia Tropical Doll Collection..
From L-R: Caronia Kiwi, Caronia Tangerine, and Caronia Blueberry.

First up is Caronia Kiwi. It's described as a Lime green creme nail polish.. But for me it's quite muted.
On my nails are two medium coats. The consistency is fine, it's not to thick nor too thin, and it's very pigmented.

Next up is Caronia Blueberry. This one is my fave among the three NP from the TD Collection. It's described as a True Blue NP but for me it looks more of a bright cyan creme polish.
On my Nails are two medium coats. It's a bit on the thick side but still easy to work with, plus the pigmentation is awesome.

Last but not the least is Caronia Tangerine. It's described as a Red-Orange nail polish, i love this one because it's the only jelly-creme nail polish from the trio.
On my nails are three thin coats, it was a bit sheer compare to the first two, and the consistency quite thin.

And.. that's everything for today...
What do you think of this bright babies? Don't forget to tel me thru your comments.

Take care always..

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  1. they are really pretty. blueberry is also my favorite. I hope to post my swatches soon.

  2. They are all beautiful, but Kiwi is my favorite :D Yummy!