Friday, August 24, 2012

First Ever Franken Friday: Kaleidoscope

Hey Guys!
TGIF! Finally, i got some time to post and share this to you, this was supposed to be posted last week but i'm too busy then. Well, we all know that Wednesday is the official day to wear pink (Pink Wednesdays), and that gave me an idea, i thought of something for a change, and tadaa today is the first ever Franken Friday hehe.. so every friday i'll give you a dose of Franken Nail Polish that i created in my free time. So here's what i got for you guys today..

I named this franken, Kaleidoscope..
Kaleidoscope is a mixture of Bobbie Fave Bikini, Bobbie Solar Burst, and Bobbie Vamp..

And Here's the result.. a light pink Nail Polish w/ a very subtle shimmer, filled with different colors of medium hex glitters plus scattered small gold round glitters.
On my nails are three medium coats.

Here are more pics for your enjoyment.. haha ;)
The following are taken indoors w/ flash

This one outdoors under the shade

The following are taken outdoors under direct sunlight..

More of taken outdoors under the shade..

And that's it! 
What do you think? Don't forget to tell me thru your comments.
Hope you guys liked it!

Till next time!



  1. Wow! This is pretty. :) I wonder how green and red turned out to be pink :) hahaha! But this one is nice.

    1. sorry, my wrong, it was Bobbie Fave Bikini.. not Grass Skirt.. hahaha... magkatabi kasi sila sa storage kaya siguro yung isa yung na type ko.. :))