Friday, November 15, 2013

Girlstuff Lov Lav Swatches and Review

Hi Gals!
A few months ago, i discovered a new local nail polish brand called Girlstuff, and what i got for you today is one of my favorite shades from them, Girlstuff Lov Lav.
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Girlstuff Lov Lav is a very pretty Purple Creme polish, it's quite pigmented, on my nails are two medium coats, formula is just right, not too thick nor too thin, drying time is a bit faster that normal and the best part, the staying power of this nail polish is awesome!

More pics!

I think Girlstuff is one of the best local nail polish that i tried, aside from it's amazing drying time and staying power, girlstuff is also a BIG 3 FREE nail polish.

And that's it!

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Paula ;)

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