Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Colortrends Dollhouse Collection Swatches and Review plus Simple Nail Art

Hi guys!
Happy Tuesday! What I have for you today are the Complete Swatches and Review of the latest collection from Colortrends (another nail polish brand from Chic Centre) called Dollhouse Collection.

This collection features five nail polishes with different finishes.
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First up, is Colortrends Garden Bloom, a very pretty almost neon (or is it neon? haha) hot pink creme nail polish, on my nails are three thin coats, formula is OK, a little bit streaky on the first coat but nothing that a second and third coat can't fix, drying time is normal, dries to a semi-glossy finish.

Next up here is Colortrends Poppet, a gorgeous jungle green, on my nails are two medium coat, the formula of this one is a dream, applies like butter, very smooth, drying time is normal, and dries to a semi matte finish.

Third polish from the Dollhouse Collection is Colortrends Chandelier, a very stunning yellow gold filled with tons of gold shimmer and iridescent micro glitters, on my nails are three medium coats formula is on the thin side and it's also quite sheer but still build-able, drying time is normal, and it dries to a semi-matte, gritty finish.

Now, the last two polishes that i got here are the two layering polishes from this collection, both are super sheer so I don't recommend wearing them on their own, they are best layered over black or any dark colored polishes, or you can experiment a little bit with other bright colors like hat I did. ;)

The first one here is Colortrends Tea Rose, a demure rose pink jelly based polish filled with tons of duochrome micro shimmer that shifts from blue-green to purple when exposed to any strong lighting (perfect under sunlight!) on my nails is a single coat over garden bloom (see how it transforms a creme polish into something stunning?) the formula is OK, quite thin but manageable. Drying time is normal, and it dries to a semi-glossy finish.

Last but not the least, is Colortrends Paper Doll, it is a dusty sky blue jelly base filled with the same duochrome micro shimmer that shifts from blue-green to purple when exposed to strong lighting. On my nails is a thin coat over poppet, same formula as tea rose, quite thin but manageable, drying time is normal, and dries to a semi-glossy finish.

I also did a simple floral nail art using all of the shades from the dollhouse collection. ;)

And that's it!

My overall thoughts about this collection; I was actually surprised in a very good way, because Colortrends usually release a collection of cremes, frost, and shimmers (you know the normal/basic polishes). This collection is really good, the two layering polishes (and of course it's very affordable! Php22.00 per bottle) is what got me hooked. My favorite shades are Poppet (amazing formula and color), Chandelier, and Paper Doll.

I hope you guys liked this.
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Paula ;)


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