Friday, October 16, 2015

Franken Friday: Lemon Candy Dream

Hey Guys!

TGIF! Franken Friday is back! This was supposed to be featured a week ago but my camera won't cooperate with me last week, luckily I was able to transfer the photos yesterday just in time for Franken Friday! wooh!

To know more about today's Franken, please continue reading after the jump. 😉

I named today's Franken polish Lemon Candy Dream, I created this franken using a lemon yellow creme nail polish from nature republic, then I added some matte purple, blue, and orange hexes in different sizes, and voila! Lemon Candy Dream is born.
Here's a macro shot of the bottle.

Here are some swatches, i had a hard time swatching this baby because it became quite thick because of the glitters, I should have added a little bit of some clear polish to thin it out hehe.

I also did a little stamping over the swatch.

And that's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it.

You can always tell me what you think about today's post thru your comments.

Till' next time!

Paula x

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