Sunday, March 27, 2016

Caronia Popsicle Collection: Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!

Happy Easter!! 2 Weeks ago, Caronia, launched their new collection for Summer, and that's what I have for you gals today, The Caronia Popsicle Collection Swatches and Review. :)

Starting to feel the heat of summer? Cool down with these refreshing shades from Caronia! 

First up is Caronia Peach Perfect; Caronia described this baby as a nude shade with a slight hint of pink for a rosy look.
For me, it's more of a very pale peach-y creme polish. On my nails are 3 thin coats, formula is a bit thin and streaky but build-able with 3 coats, dries to a glossy finish, drying time is normal.
Here are pics of Peach Perfect
Under Natural light
with Flash
 Next up is Caronia Lemon Cool; Caronia described this as a "happy yellow" shade with a slightly glossy finish.
IRL it's a very lovely Daffodil Yellow Creme filled with a very subtle amount of Gold Micro shimmer. On my nails are 2 medium coats, the formula is perfect, not too thick nor too thin, dries to a glossy finish, drying time is normal.
Here are some snaps of Lemon Cool:
Under Natural Light 
with Flash
 Now we're at the exciting part, third polish from the collection is Caronia Brain Freeze; Caronia described this as a pale blue shade in matte finish that just draws attention to your fingertips.
It's a Deep Sky Blue that dries to a Satin Matte Finish, on my nails are 2 thin coats, the formula is very good (usually mattes are super hard to work with but this one is different) and it dries faster than normal.
Here are some pics of Brain Freeze:
Under Natural Light
with Flash
 Last but not the least is Caronia Tequila Sunrise; it is described by Caronia as a subdued red orange.
It is a Deep Salmon that dries to a Satin Matte Finish, on my nails are 2 thin coats, same awesome formula with brain breeze, dries faster than normal.
Here are some photos:
Under Natural Light
with Flash
And.. that's it!
Here are my final thoughts about the Caronia Popsicle Collection:
The collection is almost perfect! the creme and shimmer are definitely a hit for those office girls like me who loves to wear subtle shades to work, It'll be more awesome if the shimmer in lemon cool is more noticeable though. And the mattes, they are so easy to work with, usually mattes are hard to apply because the dry so fast, but the formula of Brain Freeze and Tequila Sunrise is simply amazing, Caronia definitely stepped up their game. Let's hope they release more colors and more different finishes (like flakies ehem! and ehem, holos!) soon ;)

Oh one last thing, Caronia will be releasing a limited number of Popsicle Collection set with free Caronia sticky note pad, so if you're planning to buy the whole collection, better watch out for that set. ;)

For more details about Caronia, you can visit their Facebook Page: Caronia Philippines or their IG and Twitter @CaroniaPh

you can tell me your thoughts or questions about the featured collection thru your comments ;)

'till next time!

Paula :)

*Products featured are sent to me for my honest review, all photos and opinions are my own.

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