Friday, March 18, 2016

Popsicle Nail Art

Hey guys!!

TGIF! Last thursday I attended a Summer Collection Launch Party of a well known local nail polish brand, and the party's theme was Popsicles and Sweets, what I have for you guys today is the Nail Art that I wore to that Launch Party, My Popsicle Nail Art.

The nail art design was actually a last minute idea, I was suppose to sport a Lollipops and Candies nail art, but I realized that I did that design several times last year so I ended up doing Pastel Popsicles on my nails.

Here's what my Gradient base looked like before I added the popsicles and dots.

Polishes that I used for this mani are the ff;
Girl Stuff Sophia (nude)
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet (mint green)
QT Gotta Go (Teal)
Sally Hansen Insta Dry (dots)
and for the rest, I used acrylic paints.

Here's one last pic 

And that's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it!

You can always tell me what you think about today's featured mani thru your comment. ;)

'till next time!

Paula ;)

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