Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back with Wet n Wild, Wild Shine in Blue Moon

Hello everyone!

Finally! im back after being MIA for like forever! hahaha.. i super missed doing this, (well you know, Nail polish is one of the things that brings me lots of joy) and i really became super worried when i started to miss my schedules for posting here, reasons why im gone for quite along time are; when school started after the holiday break, lots of school projects started to flood, and second, being a graduating college student really demand lots of my FREE TIME, there comes a day when i wake up 5am sharp and came home like almost 12mn and all i wanna do is just sleep, see what i mean? T_T..
Now, im just mega happy that i found some free time to do this, so enough of my "excuses" and explanations, let me show you what i got today!

May i present to you Wet n Wild, Wild Shine, BLUE MOON..
In this photo is two coats,the first time i stared at my nails after applying this 2 coats, i told myself that it looked ok to me and so i decided to take pics, but when i took the first photo and the flash hit my nails, it show some bald spot.. whoa..

And so, i applied another medium coat, and that makes 2thin coats + 1 medium coat, with that, the real beauty of this polish was revealed.
BLUE MOON is a nail polish with deep/dark blue base, and it's filled with gorgeous blue-green/ torquoise shimmer. My boyfriend (who bought this for me) and i didn't expected the color of this NP to be like what i described it, on nails, because when it's in the bottle, it looks like a midnight/dark green nail polish, hahaha, but still, i loved this nail polish!

Formula of this NP is OK, application is a breeze, and the pigmentation is fine with me.

Here's what it looks like outside under the shade..

Last one..

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked it...
I'am really happy to be back, looking forward to post again regularly, i have lots of new Nail polish to show you guys.
Also don't forget to tell me what you think, or ask me questions thru your comments. :)

Till next time



  1. wow! this nail polish is great! where here in PH can i find/buy this? I'm really interested to add this in my growing collection. :)

  2. Hi! i bought this nail polish @ SM North Edsa Dept. Store.. :)