Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missing my long nails w/ Chic nail color Amethyst

Hey guys!

Here I am again.. it's been 3days since i last posted, it's because of my super busy schedule at school, got so much to do, but enough of that, what i'm going to show today is my new discovery, i'm super sure that you guys will also like/love this polish, like how i loved it the first time i saw it.

 Here is Chic Amethyst..
 Isn't she beautiful? This one is actually a part of the NEW SANDY COLLECTION from Chic Nail Color.
Amethyst is a Different kind of NP, well, this is how i will describe it, it has a dark amethyst base (the pics don't give justice to the real color of this, i'm sorry) filled with sparkling amethyst colored sand, yeah, i will say that it's sand not glitters, but it looks like glitters hahaha.. and when it's on my nails, it has this GRAINY texture when dry (that i super loove).

On my nails are two thin coats of amethyst.
Formula of this NP is super OK and it's very well pigmented, and application is a breeze.

More photos for everyone!

And now just want to show you guys, after four days of wearing this polish on my nails, here's what it looks like..
As you can see, there's no major chipping, that's why i super love this polish! :)

And this one is to give you an idea on what the other members of the sandy collection look like,
From left to right: Siam, Peridot, Montana, Amethyst, and Shadow Crystal.
Hope i can find some time to swatch all of them.
I'am also planning of giving this whole collection away, i'm just waiting for a reason to have a giveaway haha!

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked it!
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments, you can also give me a reason to have a giveaway if you are really interested with this awesome collection. :)

Till next time,



  1. It is a lovely collection!
    I WANT!!!

    Thank you for sending me the link to your blog! I am following! And will add you to my blog roll as soon as I am able to update it!

    1. Hi Claudia, Thanks so much..

      and also, i'll update you regarding my upcoming GIVEAWAY :)

  2. Now that's WOW! Hello Paula, I love your blog! I will also link this to my site. More power to you! Stay polished! :)

    1. Hi, i'll also find time to check out your blog.. Thanks for the support! :)