Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mwah! Nail Polish, Diether O' Copper

Hey Guys!

This is a very busy and tiring day for me, good thing my cold is almost gone, that's why even if all i wanna do is lay down my bed and sleep, i still feel like writing a quick post for you guys. What i got for you guys is a very cute nail polish, (literally cute!) hehehe..

Let me show you guys, Mwah! Diether O' Copper..
 Yeah, i know what you guys are thinking, the name of this nail polish is kinda weird, but there is an explanation for that, the names of Mwah! nail polishes (all of the colors) are inspired by the names of different matinee idols from the Philippines (that's according to the manufacturers Website) now you guys know, so let's move on..

Diether O' Copper is obviously a Copper (well it's Orange-y Copper for me) colored Nail Polish filled with lot's of gold micro shimmer that i really love love love.. :)
 Formula of this is quite runny and is very prone to cuticle pooling, also this one is not so pigmented, on my nails are two medium coats of the Polish.

The following shots are taken outdoors under the shade.

And the next three are taken indoors with camera flash.

Can you see the screaming gold shimmer?

And that's it for today, i'm really glad that i was able to post today, i assumed earlier that i will not be able to post anything today but here i am, i just can't help it! hahaha!
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments. :)

Till next time,



  1. Oh my! I absolutely adore the bottle! :D

  2. Love that bottle! I've never seen this brand before; thanks for sharing it!

  3. Wow! Love the name! Hindi ko alam na may ganito pala hehehe. Will search for it next time! Hope we can follow each other.

    1. Hi, it's soo nice to know that this post helped you guys to know more about this NP brand... Thank you! :)