Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pink Wednesdays: 24K Nail Polish, Duchess

Hey Guys!

It's Wednesday again, so you know what it means, i have another pink polish for you guys! This nail polish that i'm going to show you today is a great find for me, you'll find out through out this whole post why..

So now, let me show you, DUCHESS..
Duchess is a very beautiful pink nail polish.. it has a frosted grenadine pink base and it's filled with gold shimmer that made this polish stand out from the others. The opacity of this nail polish is quite good, you can go with just 2 medium coats. By the way, on my nails are two good coats of Duchess.

For the application, it went out smoothly, the brush of this nail polish is quite small and thin but gives a good application. If you have short or small nails, this nail polish brand is perfect for you because the brush doesn't pick up too much nail polish, but if you have long nails like mine, you will have to dip the brush a few times to build a 1 good coat.

Now it's time for you to see the magic of this nail polish..
Below are shots taken indoors under flash.

The following shots are taken outdoors under the shade.
One more..
And this next two photos is taken outdoors under direct sunlight.. 

here's a closer look, for you guys to see the gold shimmer.
See what i'm talking about?

And for this last one, i just want to share what i did after swatching this nail polish.. :)

That's it for today! hope you guys liked it!
Please let me know what you think thru your comments..

Till next time



  1. What a pretty pink. I love a great pink with a gold shimmer. You have lovely nails, girl. :D

  2. @Ice Queen.. thanks for the compliment.. :)