Friday, January 20, 2012

Caronia Goddess

Hello Ladies!

It's a very busy Thursday for me... i'm really glad i found some time (very little time) to show you guys this Local Nail polish that i got here. This polish that i'm going to show you ladies today is one of my all time favorites... so enough of me.

Here is Caronia Goddess..
Goddess is a frosted light blue-green NP filled with gold micro shimmer. What makes this polish special is the Duochtome action going on, from it's original light blue-green color you can see in some angle a hint of a yellow-green color, isn't it great?
Now on to the Formula, this one is quite thick, and the longer the polish is exposed the thicker it gets (it's one of my issues about this polish) Another issue is the brush marks.. but still, application of this NP gone smoothly.

These on my nails are two(2) medium coats of Goddess,
photos are taken indoors under flash..

Outdoors under the shade..

And these last two photos are taken outside under direct sunlight.

And that's it for today!

Please let me know what you think thru your comments, i always take time to read them, and to reply to them.

Till next time..


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