Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mwah! Nail Polish, Diether O' Copper

Hey Guys!

This is a very busy and tiring day for me, good thing my cold is almost gone, that's why even if all i wanna do is lay down my bed and sleep, i still feel like writing a quick post for you guys. What i got for you guys is a very cute nail polish, (literally cute!) hehehe..

Let me show you guys, Mwah! Diether O' Copper..
 Yeah, i know what you guys are thinking, the name of this nail polish is kinda weird, but there is an explanation for that, the names of Mwah! nail polishes (all of the colors) are inspired by the names of different matinee idols from the Philippines (that's according to the manufacturers Website) now you guys know, so let's move on..

Diether O' Copper is obviously a Copper (well it's Orange-y Copper for me) colored Nail Polish filled with lot's of gold micro shimmer that i really love love love.. :)
 Formula of this is quite runny and is very prone to cuticle pooling, also this one is not so pigmented, on my nails are two medium coats of the Polish.

The following shots are taken outdoors under the shade.

And the next three are taken indoors with camera flash.

Can you see the screaming gold shimmer?

And that's it for today, i'm really glad that i was able to post today, i assumed earlier that i will not be able to post anything today but here i am, i just can't help it! hahaha!
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments. :)

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Etude House HD Beam Nail Polish in WH701

Hello Guys!

It's a not so good day for me, i got a very bad cold since yesterday, and now my my head aches bigtime!
Good thing i found some time to post today, this polish that i'am going to show you today is one of my reserved swatches in vault that i feature in times like this (i can't find time to swatch).. and so, enough of me, let's discuss the polish.,

Here is Etude House, HD Beam nail polish in WH701..
I swatched this nail polish last december if i'm not mistaken, during our holiday break from school (i got so much time then).

WH701 as you can see is a Perfect Gray nail polish filled with lots of silver shimmer. About the formula, it's super OK, and i didn't have any issues regarding application.
This NP is super pigmented, on my nails are 2 thin coats.

Here are shots taken indoors under flash..

And the following taken outdoors under the shade..

This NP is one of my all time favorites, it's because of the shimmer, hehe.
So, that's it for today, sorry for the few words in this post, it's just that i really don't feel well today.
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Missing my long nails w/ Chic nail color Amethyst

Hey guys!

Here I am again.. it's been 3days since i last posted, it's because of my super busy schedule at school, got so much to do, but enough of that, what i'm going to show today is my new discovery, i'm super sure that you guys will also like/love this polish, like how i loved it the first time i saw it.

 Here is Chic Amethyst..
 Isn't she beautiful? This one is actually a part of the NEW SANDY COLLECTION from Chic Nail Color.
Amethyst is a Different kind of NP, well, this is how i will describe it, it has a dark amethyst base (the pics don't give justice to the real color of this, i'm sorry) filled with sparkling amethyst colored sand, yeah, i will say that it's sand not glitters, but it looks like glitters hahaha.. and when it's on my nails, it has this GRAINY texture when dry (that i super loove).

On my nails are two thin coats of amethyst.
Formula of this NP is super OK and it's very well pigmented, and application is a breeze.

More photos for everyone!

And now just want to show you guys, after four days of wearing this polish on my nails, here's what it looks like..
As you can see, there's no major chipping, that's why i super love this polish! :)

And this one is to give you an idea on what the other members of the sandy collection look like,
From left to right: Siam, Peridot, Montana, Amethyst, and Shadow Crystal.
Hope i can find some time to swatch all of them.
I'am also planning of giving this whole collection away, i'm just waiting for a reason to have a giveaway haha!

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked it!
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments, you can also give me a reason to have a giveaway if you are really interested with this awesome collection. :)

Till next time,


Friday, January 20, 2012

Caronia Goddess

Hello Ladies!

It's a very busy Thursday for me... i'm really glad i found some time (very little time) to show you guys this Local Nail polish that i got here. This polish that i'm going to show you ladies today is one of my all time favorites... so enough of me.

Here is Caronia Goddess..
Goddess is a frosted light blue-green NP filled with gold micro shimmer. What makes this polish special is the Duochtome action going on, from it's original light blue-green color you can see in some angle a hint of a yellow-green color, isn't it great?
Now on to the Formula, this one is quite thick, and the longer the polish is exposed the thicker it gets (it's one of my issues about this polish) Another issue is the brush marks.. but still, application of this NP gone smoothly.

These on my nails are two(2) medium coats of Goddess,
photos are taken indoors under flash..

Outdoors under the shade..

And these last two photos are taken outside under direct sunlight.

And that's it for today!

Please let me know what you think thru your comments, i always take time to read them, and to reply to them.

Till next time..


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pink Wednesdays: 24K Nail Polish, Duchess

Hey Guys!

It's Wednesday again, so you know what it means, i have another pink polish for you guys! This nail polish that i'm going to show you today is a great find for me, you'll find out through out this whole post why..

So now, let me show you, DUCHESS..
Duchess is a very beautiful pink nail polish.. it has a frosted grenadine pink base and it's filled with gold shimmer that made this polish stand out from the others. The opacity of this nail polish is quite good, you can go with just 2 medium coats. By the way, on my nails are two good coats of Duchess.

For the application, it went out smoothly, the brush of this nail polish is quite small and thin but gives a good application. If you have short or small nails, this nail polish brand is perfect for you because the brush doesn't pick up too much nail polish, but if you have long nails like mine, you will have to dip the brush a few times to build a 1 good coat.

Now it's time for you to see the magic of this nail polish..
Below are shots taken indoors under flash.

The following shots are taken outdoors under the shade.
One more..
And this next two photos is taken outdoors under direct sunlight.. 

here's a closer look, for you guys to see the gold shimmer.
See what i'm talking about?

And for this last one, i just want to share what i did after swatching this nail polish.. :)

That's it for today! hope you guys liked it!
Please let me know what you think thru your comments..

Till next time


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

L.A. Colors, Color Craze in Perfect Plum

Hello everyone!

What i have for you today is a very cute and classy plum nail polish... this post was supposed to be published monday next week, but i just can't wait to show this baby to you guys... so here we go..

May i present to you L.A. Colors, Color Craze Perfect Plum..
The first time i saw this on the Local Department Store, i felt like WOW! this brand is now here in the Philippines! Hahahaha...

Perfect Plum is a plum based nail polish filled with lots of silver shimmer. Formula is OK and the pigmentation is really great, you ca go with just 2 thin coats, and application is not an issue for me.

Under Camera Flash.

Outside under the shade.

And under direct sunlight. (ahem, please excuse the extra dry skin )

And that's it for today, hope you guys liked it, the next few days will be all about NEW local nail polishes that i discovered last holiday and from the past few days.. please do look forward for those and i'll do my best to post at least once a day, even though i have a tough schedule at school. :)

Till next time!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back with Wet n Wild, Wild Shine in Blue Moon

Hello everyone!

Finally! im back after being MIA for like forever! hahaha.. i super missed doing this, (well you know, Nail polish is one of the things that brings me lots of joy) and i really became super worried when i started to miss my schedules for posting here, reasons why im gone for quite along time are; when school started after the holiday break, lots of school projects started to flood, and second, being a graduating college student really demand lots of my FREE TIME, there comes a day when i wake up 5am sharp and came home like almost 12mn and all i wanna do is just sleep, see what i mean? T_T..
Now, im just mega happy that i found some free time to do this, so enough of my "excuses" and explanations, let me show you what i got today!

May i present to you Wet n Wild, Wild Shine, BLUE MOON..
In this photo is two coats,the first time i stared at my nails after applying this 2 coats, i told myself that it looked ok to me and so i decided to take pics, but when i took the first photo and the flash hit my nails, it show some bald spot.. whoa..

And so, i applied another medium coat, and that makes 2thin coats + 1 medium coat, with that, the real beauty of this polish was revealed.
BLUE MOON is a nail polish with deep/dark blue base, and it's filled with gorgeous blue-green/ torquoise shimmer. My boyfriend (who bought this for me) and i didn't expected the color of this NP to be like what i described it, on nails, because when it's in the bottle, it looks like a midnight/dark green nail polish, hahaha, but still, i loved this nail polish!

Formula of this NP is OK, application is a breeze, and the pigmentation is fine with me.

Here's what it looks like outside under the shade..

Last one..

And that's it for today! hope you guys liked it...
I'am really happy to be back, looking forward to post again regularly, i have lots of new Nail polish to show you guys.
Also don't forget to tell me what you think, or ask me questions thru your comments. :)

Till next time