Monday, October 28, 2013

Black and Gold Reverse Gradient Manicure

Hi Guys!
Happy Monday! So what i'm going to show you gals today is this very simple manicure that i did last week, it's called Black and Gold Reverse Gradient Manicure.
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As you can see, i didn't use the usual striping tape for this reverse gradient nail art, what i used is a normal scotch tape that i cut using my ever reliable funky scissors. What i did first is my first layer of sponged gradient using black and gold nail polish, starting with black at the base and gold at the tip, and because i'm not a very patient kind of person, i immediately applied a coat of fast drying top coat.. lol.. so that i'll be able to stick the tape at the middle of each nail, after that, i started to do the second layer of the sponged gradient this time gold at the base and black at the tips, and lastly another generous coat of my favorite Jelly Pop! And it's done!

More pics!

Oh by the way, here are the two polishes that i used for this mani, from L-R: OMG Black Out and OMG Gold Digger.

More pics!

And that's it!
Hope you guys liked it! ;)

You can tell me what you think about this manicure thru your comments. :)

Till next time!

Paula :)

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  1. I also used OMG gold digger in one of my nail arts... it looks like an actual gold bar in person... =)