Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Nail Polish Collection Part1 featuring Nail Polishes from Chic Centre Corp.

Hi Guys!
Warning: this post is picture heavy.
Happy Saturday! So some of you requested/suggested that i should do a post about my Nail Polish Collection / Stash, and that's what i got for you gals today, though i won't be able to show you my whole collection in just a single post, so it's going to be a Nail Polish Collection Series, and this post (Part 1) features the part of my Nail Polish Collection that were manufactured by Chic Centre Corp.
Continue reading after the jump to know more about this part of my stash ;)

Here's another picture...
Now, i'll introduce them to you by group/collection.

First up is Bobbie Holoprism Collection, From L-R: Mojito, Margarita, Purple Passion, Mint Daquiry, Mudslide, Vodka On Ice, and Weng-Weng.

Next, these two are some of Bobbie's latest offering, Bobbie Kaleidoscope Nail Polish in Lemon Souffle, and Bobbie Cocktail Hour Gradation Nail Polish in Cool Blue Martini.

I have here some random polishes from bobbie (i don't think they belong to any collection, i'm not 100% sure though) From L-R: PiƱa Colada, Parasail, Tropical Punch, Pure White, Grass Skirt and Matte Top Coat.

Here is Bobbie's Regular Smashed Collection, from L-R: Smashing Red, Smashing Violet and Smashing Black.

And Here is their Metallic Smashed Collection, from L-R: Smashing Pink, Smashing Bronze, Smashing Silver, Smahing Green, and Smashing Blue.

Next up is Bobbie's Glitters Collection, from L-R: Black Shadow, Sparklers, Blue Flash, Aqua, Jade, Purple Dazzle, and Cherry Blossom.

Next up is Colortrends Nail Polish (old bottles) from Top Clockwise: Papa Paparazzi, En Vouge, 101, Blue Jean, Purple Fever, Red Carpet, and Lemon Squared.

Chic 2 Way Nail Design Pen and Brush, from L-R: Chilli, Gum, Sunshine, Patent Blue, and Moonlight.

Next up are my Rain by Colortrends Polishes, from L-R, Top-Bottom: Romantic Red Blush (scented), Berry Sweet (scented), Tender Pine (scented), Classic Punch (scented), Cinnamon Love (scented), Red Hot, Metallica, Nirvana, Kiss, Emerald, Moon Silver, Terracotta, Blue Spots, Korn, Blue Moon Sundae, and Pistachio Delight.

I have 3 Mwah Nail Polish from L-R: Go Powquiao, Jess Kidding, and Diether O Copper.

The Bobbie Wonder Nails Collection, from L-R: Oh My Green!, Blue Wow, and Pink Magic.

Next are my Mutya Nail Polishes from L-R: Pearl Farm, Honda Bay, and Boracay at Night.

Next up, Bobbie's Glittery M. Collection, frpm L-R: Garland, Snowglitz, Chestnut, Gingerbread, Blue Sleigh, Pink Lace, and Candy Cane.

Bobbie Foil It Collection, fom L-R: Electrified, Charmed, and Adored

Another Colortrends group, (these are the new bigger bottles) from L-R: Mango Sherbet, Strawberry Sherbet, Blueberry Sherbet, 131, No label aqua colored polish, En Vouge, and Purple Fever.

The Bobbie Magnet-ficent Collection, from L-R: RE-103, VI-104, BR-202, GR-101, VI-201, SI-204, and BL-102.

Next, The Bobbie Heavenly Glitz Collection, from L-R: Solar Burst, The Big Bang, Star Gazer, and SuperNova.

I also have the Chic Sandy Collection, from L-R: Siam, Peridot, Montana, Amethyst and Shadow Crystal.

The Bobbie Hot Collection, from L-R: Vamp, Salmon, Orange Juice, Lush, Emerald, Patent Blue, Bronzer and Terracotta.

Last but not the least is the Chic Nail Design Collection, from L-R: Missy Daisy, I <3 a="" and="" away.="" butterflies="" my="" p="" star="" supahstar="" this="" upon="" wish="">
And that's it! 
Stay tuned for the part 2 of my Nail Polish Collection Series.

You can tell me what you think about this part of my collection thru your comments.

Till next time!

Paula :)


  1. WHOA! That is quite the stash! Can't wait to see part 2!

  2. grabe andami nman :) kainggit much .. buti di sila natutuyo agad pag di mo msyado ginagamit ?? ganun kasi prob ko e .

    1. Hindi naman talaga sila matutuyo agad sis.. basta maayos po yung storage area and nkasara ng mabuti yung mga bottles... yung holoprism collection i got them 2 years ago, ok pa naman sila until now. :)

  3. Gusto ko rin ng collection nitooo!! XD
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. love it! sayang di ko makita mabuti yung mga colors ng nail polish mo kasi natakpan ng front label. next time paki kuha ng nakatalikot yung mga bottles. :)