Monday, March 30, 2015

Caronia Shades of Summer Collection Swatches and Review

Hello Lovelies!
*Warning; this post is picture heavy*

Happy Monday! To start the week, what i have for you today are the complete swatches and review of Caronia Shades of Summer Collection.

Say Hello to Summer!
The heat is on, time to wear your colors and make it shine.
Whether you are planning to tick out most on your travel bucket list or try out tons of
activities this season, Caronia has the perfect color palette to complement your
style. Definitely your best time to have fun under the sun with your pretty clothes,
trendy flip-flops, and colorful Nail Polish.
Caronia brings out this year's Shades of Summer, six cool swatches from their wide
selection of colors that will make you reminisce those summer memories.
Please continue reading after the jump to know more about Caronia's latest collection ;)
Last week, this pretty box arrived at my home, this contains all the polishes from Caronia's Shade of Summer Collection, the box is super cute isn't it?

From L-R; Summer Fling, Rainbow Tan, Sun Kissed, Sweet Surprise, On-the-Go, and First Crush. Now off to the swatches and review ;)

First up we have Caronia Summer Fling this shade was described by Caronia as a coral red tone, i think it's more of a Plum-y (is that even a word? haha) red-ish pink creme, it's really hard to tell, on my nails are two thin coats, i can go with just one because it's so opaque, but i did apply two for coverage, the formula is good, not to thick nor too thin, and drying time is normal.

Next up, is Caronia Rainbow Tan, described by Caronia as a frosted skin-tone tint, it is indeed a frosted tan or in some lighting i see it as bronze but maybe it's because of the frost, on my nails are three thin coats, the first two coats i applied normally using the brush, and for the third coat i used a sponge, why? because i hate brushmarks, and because this is a frosted polish, expect brushmarks when you apply it normally. The formula of this baby is quite on the thin side, so if you're not careful excess polish might pool at your cuticles, drying time is normal.

The third pretty that i have here is Caronia Sun Kissed, described by Caronia as a pumpkin orange, it is a very stunning pumpkin orange creme indeed, on my nails are three thin coats, i can actually go with two though, but the formula of this is quite on the streaky side, it needed a third coat to cover the streaks, drying time is normal.

Next is Caronia Sweet Surprise, described by Caronia as a yellow shade, a very pretty sunshine yellow creme filled with a very subtle amount of shimmer, this kind of yellow nail polish is very hard to find, on my nails are three thin coats, i can go with two but it has this streaky formula like Sun kissed, and i think this is streakier and quite on the thick side, drying time is normal.

Fifth polish from the collection is Caronia On-the-Go, described by caronia as an Aqua Green, i think it is more of a Sea Foam Green creme, on my nails are two thin coats, the formula of this baby is amazing, not too thick nor too thin and it applied smoothly, drying time is normal.

Last but not the least is Caronia First Crush, described by Caronia as a flawless rich lilac, a very pretty lilac creme indeed, it has this blue undertone, on my nails are two thin coats, like on-the-go, the formula of this baby is perfect, not too thick nor too thin, it applied smoothly on my nails, and drying time is normal.

And that's it!

My overall verdict; I'm really happy about this collection, i love all the colors except Rainbow Tan, for me, a frosted nude is not a color that i will wear on my nails this summer (that's my honest opinion), color wise, my favorites are On-the-Go, First Crush, and Sweet Surprise, formula wise, my favorites are First Crush, Summer Fling and On-the-Go. My ultimate favorite from the collection is First crush, and On-the-Go is a close second.

So what do you guys think? you can always tell me thru your comments ;)

Caronia is a BIG 3 Free Local Nail Polish brand, you can know more about them on their website and Facebook Page so please check it out. ;)

Till next time!

Paula ;)

*Disclaimer: products featured were sent to me for my honest and unbiased review, all opinions are my own. ;)


  1. Wow! Love your nails :) Maybe I will try Caronia collections soon.. I read a review about it also on and it is just lovely. Got to buy Caronia later hehe

  2. Wow! I love all the shades, my favorite is the sweet surprisešŸ˜.