Friday, March 27, 2015

Ruby Wing Wicked West Collection Swatches and Review Part 1

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What i have for you today is another swatches and review post featuring 2 (supposed to be 3, but sadly, the sun betrayed me ;'( the reason why i didn't finished swatching the third one) gorgeous polishes from Ruby Wing Wicked West Collection, i was supposed to post about this 3 days ago, but i suffered from severe migraine, and that means a trip to the optometrist for me, anyways i'm kinda ok now so enough of me, off to the polish.

For everyone who is not familiar with the mentioned nail polish brand, Ruby Wing is a color changing nail polish that transforms under direct sunlight. The color changing technology lets you switch your style from day to night, from indoors to outdoors. Each one of the shades dramatically change under direct sunlight and the back again once under the shade or indoors.

For the swatches and review, please continue reading after the jump ;)

First shade that  have for you is Ruby Wing Tumbleweeds, it is a very pretty yellow-green creme, on my nails are three thin coats, the formula is OK, a bit streaky at first but manageable. drying time is normal.
This pic was taken outdoors under the shade

Another pic under the shade,

Outdoors under the shade with flash

And here are the pics under direct sunlight,
According to the label, this was supposed to turn into some sort of a khaki / brown color when under direct sunlight but it just turned into an army / olive green shade.
First 5 seconds under direct sunlight.

!0 secs. under direct sunlight.

15 secs under direct sunlight

20 secs under direct sunlight.

Back under the shade.

Next up is Ruby Wing Saloon Sweetheart, a pretty medium rose pink or should i say a not so bright coral pink creme, on my nails are two thin coats, formula of this one is good, i have no issues about application, and drying time is normal.
The first 2 pics was taken outdoors under the shade.

According to the label this was supposed to turn deep reddish-purple after i hit the sunlight, and this time the label is correct.
First 5 secs under direct sunlight.

10 secs under direct sunlight, *ahem, please excuse the glare*

15 secs under direct sunlight

20 secs under direct sunlight. yaayy!! the color really transformed ;)

And this one was taken indoors with flash.
And that's it for today.

Final thoughts about the two featured shade; i think saloon sweetheart is simply stunning and perfect, even my mom liked it so much compared to tumbleweeds, but i still like tumbleweeds though, because i'm a sucker for anything bright and green ;)

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 To know more about Ruby Wing Philippines, you can visit their Facebook Page or give them a follow on Instagram. ;)

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*Disclaimer: Products featured were given to me for my honest review, all opinions are my own ;)

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  1. Wow, the second one is particularly gorgeous! <3