Monday, April 27, 2015

Bright Sweets Nail Art

Hi Everyone!
Happy Monday! What i have here for you today is another free hand nail art that i did on my nails a few days ago, it's my Bright Sweets Nail Art.
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So i did this Bright Sweets Nail Art because of a very cute graphic candy pattern that i saw on google, all the sweets in the pattern that i saw are pastel colored, but because it's summer here in my country, i decided to use neon-like bright colors instead of pastels.

TBH i'm quite disappointed with how this one turned out, doing detailed freehand nail art was a very bad idea, specially when you're too tired and when you had a venti frappe with 2 shots of espresso a few hours before painting, the outlines of my candies were too thick and the details have some bald spots on them.. ugh.. the only good thing is that i learned my lesson, and i learned it the hard way.. haha.

The only nail polish that i used for this nail art is my base color, it's Girlstuff Hope, for the rest of the design, i used acrylic paints.

Here are more pics ;)

And that's it for today, i hope you guys still liked it even though it's some sort of a failed art. ;)

You can always tell me what you think thru your comments.

Till next time!

Paula ;)

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