Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Doodles Nail Art

Hi everyone!
TGIF! What i have for you today is another floral / spring themed mani i did this for a challenge in Intagram and was supposed to be posted yesterday, i call this my Spring Doodles Nail Art.
Please continue reading after the jump to know more more about today's nail art ;)

For my Spring Doodles Nail Art, i used some bright colored polishes, a bright green as my base color, added some grasses and flowers, and some cute little butterflies.

Here are the polishes that i used for this nail art, from L-R;
Ruby Wing Tumbleweeds
Ruby Wing Rodeo
Ruby Wing Saloon Sweetheart
Ruby Wing Wanted Dead or Alive
Bobbie Nail Creme Explosive
Chic The Lady is a Champ
Chic Sweet Pea
Revlon Double Down
Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice
Revlon Mocha
I used a lot of Ruby Wing Polishes for this mani because i wanted to see the color transformation under the sun, too bad, when i finished this nail art, the sun disappeared, and i needed to remove the nail art to do a more work appropriate mani.

Here's a Mattified version of the mani.

More pics!

And that's it for today!

What do you think about this nail art?
You can always tell me your thoughts thru your comments. ;)

Till next time!

Paula ;)