Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bobbie Bronzer

Hey Ladies!
Happy Tuesday! whew.. the weather here in the Philippines is really frustrating, it's super mega hot at morning, and here comes the dark clouds and rain in the afternoon.. i can feel that i'll be having a cold because of this weather situation. Anyway, i have a very beautiful nail polish to show you today, this is my favorite from Bobbie Nail Creme Hot Collection (hot collection is full of great summer colors from Bobbie), so let's start.. here is..

Bobbie Bronzer
Isn't she a beauty? Continue reading after the jump to know more about Bobbie Bronzer.

Bobbie Bronzer is a Golden Bronze Nail Polish, consist of a frosted brown-bronze base filled with gold micro shimmer.. no doubt that this is one of the ultimate favorite of Bobbie users from the hot collection.
About the formula, it's a little thin but not to the point that it will pool your cuticles, it's also a little sheer, on my nails are two medium coats of Bronzer and you can still see some bald spot on my nails, i didn't have any issues regarding application, and the dry time is impressive, oh by the way, plus points to this baby because it's Big (3) three free! :)

More Photo's for you gals!
Indoors w/ flash

Outdoors under direct sunlight

Outdoors under the shade.

And that's it!
Hope you liked today's post.

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