Friday, May 11, 2012

Fire Nail Creme, Toxic Acid

Hello Ladies!
Happy Friday! whoa! i was MIA for 4days... anyways, today's post was supposed to be published last pink Wednesday, that's why this is another cute pink nail polish for you guys today! This pink baby that i'm going to show you gals today is a new brand i saw from a local grocery store. Let me show you,

Fire Nail Creme, Toxic Acid
It does have a very creative and nice name.. :))

Fire Toxic Acid is a Frosted Neon Pink Nail Polish.. (it's very rare that a neon polish is frosted) this color is really great for summer, isn't it?
On my nails are Three (3) thin coats of Toxic Acid, this pink nail polish is a bit in the sheer side, but still easy to work with.

While taking pics of my nails,the polish on my ring finger was accidentally smudged by my camera because of my kitty..

Here is the guilty suspect for my smudged nail polish... haha her name is tiger... she's my buddy for like almost 4years now.

Back to the polish, this one is taken outdoors under direct sunlight..
and this one too!
And that ends today's post! Hope you guys liked it!
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Till next time!



  1. i remember myself collecting all fire nail polish,, it looks pretty on you,,,

  2. Oooohhhh, I haven't seen this brand. It looks good.