Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ladybug Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Ladies!
Happy Sunday! ..again.. hahaha.. Another Sunday meaning another easy nail art tutorial is up for you guys today.. i won't make this intro long, oh by the way don't forget to tell me what you think about The very first Nail Polish creation from WoW Nails. And now, off to the nail design of the day, may i present to you my
Ladybug Nails..
Aren't they cute? to learn how to do these wonderful creatures on your own nails, continue reading after the jump. ;)

First are the materials needed..
*White Nail Polish (OMG White Out)
*Black Nail Polish (Caronia Black Velvet)
*Red Nail Polish (Caronia Desire)
*Black Stripper Polish (BK Nail Art)
*Dotting tool

First thing to do after applying your favorite base coat is to paint your nails a solid red.

Next, using the black stripper polish draw a straight line coming from the base of your nail all the way to the tips. It's going to look like this..

Then using the black nail polish, do a simple french tip on all of the nails.

Now, using the dotting tool and the black polish, apply 6 dots on each nail, 3 on each side divided by the black line.

Next, using the dotting tool and white nail polish, do two (2) dots over the black french tip that we did earlier, these will serve as the eyes of our Ladybugs.

last step is to define the eyes of our bugs by applying black dots over the white ones.

And that's it! Our Ladybug nails are done! don't forget to apply a fast drying topcoat to protect the design from chipping.

Here are more pics for you to enjoy...

And that's it for today's nail art tutorial.
Hope you gals liked it!

Please don't forget to leave your comments and suggestions, i would love to read and answer all of them. ;)

Till Next time!


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