Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Very First WoW Nails Creation: Galaxy

Hi Loves!
What a very lovely Sunday morning! I'm really excited to update my blog today because i'm going to show you gals the project that i'm working with for like almost a month, and finally i can show you one! These past few days.. i'm trying to create glitter nail polishes.. because i'm super obsessed about them (w/o thinking about the removal process ) my mom told me why not do customized ones? And that's how it all started, so, enough of the story, off to the polish.. may i show you the very first WoW Nails Creation..

I decided to name this one Galaxy because i just thought it's how the outer space looked like the first time i applied this on my nails. To know more about Galaxy continue reading after the jump. ;)

Galaxy as you can see is a blue, hex glitter packed nail polish. It consist of a dark blue jelly base filled with extra small and double extra small hexagonal teal colored glitters.
On my nails are two (2) medium coats of galaxy, the formula is quite thick because it's glitter packed, but still the application went well.

More pics for my favorite gals. (Indoors w/ flash)

Outdoors under the shade..

Outdoors under direct sunlight...

 And this last one is a macro shot of my ring fingertips.
And that's it! I'll show you another one maybe tomorrow, and later on, i'll be posting another nail art tutorial for nail art Sunday, so stay tuned!

So, what do you gals think about the very first WoW Nails Creation? Is it something that you wanna have or wanna wear on your nails?
Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments.

Till Next time!



  1. This one is really glitters packed! It's very sparkly. "shiny, shimmering splendid" as what we would call it. Pretty and nice, something good to look at, but i don't think I'll wear something like this, just not my personality. But it looks good on you. :)

    If I may, what base polish did you use on this one?

    1. Hi Bo! thanks for the very nice comment about the polish.. About your question regarding the base polish, the nail polish is made from raw materials, just like other branded nail polish, the difference is it's homemade.. i'm planning to sell homemade nail polish. :)

    2. Wow! I hope you'd do a tutorial on that. :)