Friday, May 4, 2012

OMG Stiletto

Hey Guys!
TGIF! Wew, what a very rainy Friday... how ironic, it's summer but it's raining cats and dogs.. because of the current weather situation, i wasn't able to swatch my newly bought nail polishes, so what i'm going to show you gals today is one of the old swatches i got from my vault, also, this one is perfect for today's weather, here we go, let me show you..

OMG Stiletto
The name of this nail polish really reminds me of my pair of silver stiletto.

OMG Stiletto is a frosted silver/ gunmetal colored nail polish.. the evidence of its frostiness is very visible, ugh.. BRUSHSTROKES really disappointed me..
On my nails are three (3) thin coats of Stiletto, formula is quite thin, it's prone to cuticle pooling, it's also pretty sheer that's why i ended up with three thin coats..

Outside under direct sunlight..

After a few minutes i decided to layer a coat of OMG CRACKED GOLD POLISH,
unfortunately it was an epic fail... the polish didn't cracked nicely or shall i say normally..

Here's another pic..
So that's it for today guys..
Hope all of you have a great Friday!

Till next time!



  1. I find my OMG polish streaky also, even the creme ones. How sad :(

    1. So true.. there's one polish that i liked from OMG though.. the name is Happy Hour.. i'll swatch it for you to see soon.. :)