Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nature Republic Color Waltz PK207

Hey Guys!
Happy Wednesday! It's Wednesday meaning this is another dose of Pink Wednesday! Finally i was able to produce a pink wednesday post again, after two weeks of missing pink wednesday post.. anyway, enough of my excuses, off to the nails... the pink polish that i will show you guys today is a Korean brand that i bought like months ago, let me show you..

Nature Republic Color Waltz PK207
Minus points for not having a creative name... Korean Nail Polish brands are always named w/ a code, Lame.. Anyway, to know more about PK207 continue reading after the jump ;)

Nature Republic Color Waltz PK207 is a hot pink creme nail polish (it's almost neon pink)
On my nails are two thin coat of PK207, the pigmentation is super great, actually i can go with just a single coat, i just applied two to even everything out, the formula is Ok and i don't have any issues regarding application, and lastly, the dry time is impressive.

More pics for you gals.. Indoors w/ flash

Outdoors under the shade

Outdoors under direct sunlight
All in all this nail polish is great, i can say that i'll definitely be back at the Nature Republic Boutique for more!
That's it for today!
Hope you gals liked it!

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  1. Hey Paula! Where can I find Nature Republic? Thanks! :)