Tuesday, May 1, 2012

La Belle Nail Polish 14K Gold

Hey Guys!
How's everyone doing? this post is almost a day late... it's because yesterday, i'm really super busy submitting documents and paying the fee's for my upcoming graduation (finally! i will be a Bachelors Degree holder), so i was at the university the whole day yesterday.. Anyways... just sharing, off to the polish, what i got for you guys today is..

La Belle Nail Polish 14K Gold
This one is like a breath of fresh air compared to all of the different 14k gold that i've seen..

14K Gold is a Dusty Purple Shimmer Nail Polish, It consist of a frosted dusty purple base filled with lot's of gold shimmer.
On my nails are two medium coats of 14K Gold, Formula of this is quite impressive, application went well, and the dry time is soo amazing.

Here are more pics for you guys! (indoors w/ flash)

Indoors w/o flash

Outdoors under direct sunlight..

Outdoors under the shade..
All in all I'm really quite impressed in this polish, it's affordable (Php26.00) yet it has some characteristics like those of expensive imported brands, like being 3Free.
What do you think about this nail polish? Please let me know.. ;)

And that's it for today's post, hope you guys liked it,

Till next time!



  1. This post makes me want to try this brand, thanks! :)

  2. la belle is low price but nice color palette. :)

  3. you may want to check out cutex nail polish. it's a bit pricey but it's really worth the price.

    try doing these ombre nails :
    also the nautical nails :

    just giving suggestions. :)

    you can visit my blog as well. hope you'll join my contest. :)

    <3 Anne G.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Anne.. by the way, i already checked out your blog... i'll find time to join your contest.. hope you can also be a follower of my blog...

      Thanks for the support! ;)

    2. oh. thanks pau! i dunno how to follow you on blogger because i couldn't find the Follow link on the top page. Anyway, I've already liked your fan page on FB. :)

    3. Thanks again for the support Anne! :)
      By the way, here's the link to follow me on blogger/ GFC