Thursday, May 31, 2012

WoW Nails Creation: Red Queen

Hi Ladies!
Happy Thursday! Liked i promised last sunday, i'll show you gals again another nail polish from the wow nails creations that i'm gonna be selling online, soon.. so enough of me, off to the nail polish, may i present to you gals..

WoW Nails, Red Queen
What do you think about the name? haha i can't think of anything else..
To know more about Red Queen continue reading after the jump!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color Club Yum Gum

Hey Everyone!
Happy Pink Wednesday! I've been very busy these past few days because of a job interview and a business  venture, also i'm planning of selling homemade glitter nail polishes online (any color request?). Anyway enough of the news flash about my life off to the pink nail polish, here is..

Color Club Yum Gum..
The name of this nail polish is quite good, and the the nail polish itself is also quite surprising.. To know more about Color Club Yum Gum, continue reading after the jump.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ladybug Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Ladies!
Happy Sunday! ..again.. hahaha.. Another Sunday meaning another easy nail art tutorial is up for you guys today.. i won't make this intro long, oh by the way don't forget to tell me what you think about The very first Nail Polish creation from WoW Nails. And now, off to the nail design of the day, may i present to you my
Ladybug Nails..
Aren't they cute? to learn how to do these wonderful creatures on your own nails, continue reading after the jump. ;)

The Very First WoW Nails Creation: Galaxy

Hi Loves!
What a very lovely Sunday morning! I'm really excited to update my blog today because i'm going to show you gals the project that i'm working with for like almost a month, and finally i can show you one! These past few days.. i'm trying to create glitter nail polishes.. because i'm super obsessed about them (w/o thinking about the removal process ) my mom told me why not do customized ones? And that's how it all started, so, enough of the story, off to the polish.. may i show you the very first WoW Nails Creation..

I decided to name this one Galaxy because i just thought it's how the outer space looked like the first time i applied this on my nails. To know more about Galaxy continue reading after the jump. ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

OMG (Oh My Golly) Happy Hour

Hi everyone!
Happy Thursday! What a very exhausting day for me.. what about you gals? And the one thing that takes away all the stress in my life is a good nail polish, and that's what i got to show you today, it's a very unique local nail polish, let me show you..

OMG (Oh My Golly) Nail Color Happy Hour
Haha even the name of this baby screams Happy!! 
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nature Republic Color Waltz PK207

Hey Guys!
Happy Wednesday! It's Wednesday meaning this is another dose of Pink Wednesday! Finally i was able to produce a pink wednesday post again, after two weeks of missing pink wednesday post.. anyway, enough of my excuses, off to the nails... the pink polish that i will show you guys today is a Korean brand that i bought like months ago, let me show you..

Nature Republic Color Waltz PK207
Minus points for not having a creative name... Korean Nail Polish brands are always named w/ a code, Lame.. Anyway, to know more about PK207 continue reading after the jump ;)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bobbie Bronzer

Hey Ladies!
Happy Tuesday! whew.. the weather here in the Philippines is really frustrating, it's super mega hot at morning, and here comes the dark clouds and rain in the afternoon.. i can feel that i'll be having a cold because of this weather situation. Anyway, i have a very beautiful nail polish to show you today, this is my favorite from Bobbie Nail Creme Hot Collection (hot collection is full of great summer colors from Bobbie), so let's start.. here is..

Bobbie Bronzer
Isn't she a beauty? Continue reading after the jump to know more about Bobbie Bronzer.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tattooed Nails (Nail Art Tutorial)

Hey Ladies!
Happy Sunday! It's been a while since i last updated this blog... soo sorry gals... Anyway, enough of the drama.. since it's Sunday, i'll show you another very simple and cute nail art idea. Today's nail art is super easy, even a 5year old kid can do it! i promise! Let me show you today's nail design.. here we go..

Tattoo Nail Art
What do you think??

Let's get started... these are the materials needed for today's nail art design..
 *White Nail Polish (OMG Nail Polish White Out)
 * Temporary Tattoos.. i got mine from a local art supplies store, you can find these almost anywhere specially in dollar stores.
 * A cotton ball

First step, after applying your favorite base coat, paint all of your nails a solid white..

Next, pick the tattoo of your choice, and cut to a sized that will fit each of your nails.

Step 3, after making sure that all your nails are dry, remove the protective film from the tattoo, and press it on to the nails, with the design facing the nails.
..and press a wet cotton ball over it for at least 5 seconds.. and the remove carefully.

That's it! your nails are already tattooed! Don't forget to apply a top coat to protect the design from chipping.

More pics for you guys!

 And that's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it!

What do you guys think about today's nail art tutorial?
Please let me know thru you comments.

Till Next time!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Careline Copper Rock

Hey Ladies!
Happy Tuesday! It's really hot today, Anyways.. i got a very pretty polish to show you gals today, i got this one from last weeks haul, here we go... here is

Careline Nail Polish Copper Rock
I really adore the name of this one! :)

Careline Copper Rock is a copper-bronze nail polish it consist of a frosted copper / chocolate brown base and it's filled with generous amount of gold glass flecks that helps the nail polish show off it's copper color.
On my nails are two medium coats of copper rock, the formula is quite thin, but easy to work with, and the pigmentation is great.

More pics for you gals.. (indoors w/ flash)

Outdoors under the shade

Outdoors under direct sunlight.

What do you guys think about this nail polish? isn't it pretty? oh by the way it's very affordable too! got this for only Php10.00

That's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it!

Please don't forget to tell me what you think thru your comments.

Till next time!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Weeks Haul

Hey Guys!
Happy Monday! how's everyone? Today's post will be all about my haul last week, so this intro won't be long... let's start!

Here is everything i bought last week..

First up is this two from Nature Republic (korean brand) The Pink nail polish is Nature Republic Color Waltz PK205, and the blue one is Nature Republic Color Waltz BL505.. Got this for Php65.00 each.

Next up, these two nail polish are the ones i bought from SM Dept. Store, on the left is Caronia Black Velvet Php33.25 and the other one is my second bottle of Caronia Sweet Surprise Php34.75.

This next two are the ones i got from the nearby Mercury Drugstore, on the left is Careline Copper Rock, and the other one is Careline Touch of Tan both are @ Php10.00 each.

These trio are the ones i got from Landmark Trinoma, Frpm L-R: La Belle Nail Polish Magic Sugar Plum, La Belle Nail Polish Magic Majestic Blue, La Belle Nail Polish Magic Majestic Green Got these trio @ Php19.75 each.

and these last two also from Landmark Trinoma, from L-R: Caress Nail Polish Blue Marine, and Caress Nail Polish Flame Red. both @ Php22.75 each.
And that's it for today! hope you liked today's Post!

Till next time!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cupcake Nail Art Tutorial

Hey Ladies!
Happy Sunday! and also, Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there! So, today is nail art day, and today's nail tutorial is dedicated to everyone who loves cupcake, especially mothers (because it's mothers day!), just like my mom! So, enough of my intro.. off to the nail art..

May i present to you today's Nail Art Design.. Red Velvet Cupcakes..

Before the whole tutorial, i just wanna show you gals my inspiration for today's nail design.. it's the take home cupcakes for my mom that i bought from Blushing Cupcakes at SM City North Edsa Sky Garden.

This is the particular cupcake where my nail design came from, it's the Red Velvet Cupcake. (the other one in the left side of the box is a blueberry cheesecake cupcake)

Going Back to the Nail art tutorial, here are the materials i used..
Yellow Nail Polish (Caronia Sweet Surprise), Red Nail Polish (Careline Nail Polish that doesn't have a name), Dark Pink Stripper (BK Nail Art), Coral Pink Nail Polish (Caress Flame Red), Light Yellow/ Yellow-ish White Nail Polish (caress Wintermelon), Sheer Pink Nail Polish (Sassy Colors Fancy Pink), Pink Heart Shaped Confetti, Toothpick and Dotting Tool.

Step 1: After applying your favorite base coat, apply a single coat of the sheer pink polish, (Sassy Colors Fancy Pink) i picked a sheer color because this will serve as the background of our cupcakes.

Step 2: Using the Coral Pink Nail Polish, do a simple french tip to all of the nails, this will serve as the cups of our cupcakes.

Step 3:using the Dark Pink Stripper Nail Polish, outline the free edge of the nails, and draw slanting lines over the french tips, this will make the french tip look like cups.

Step 4: Using the dotting tool and the Red Nail Polish, draw the muffin like red cake that slightly overlaps with the french tip to make it look like it's over flowing.

Step 5: Using the light Yellow Nail Polish, create the frosting that also, slightly overlaps with the red cake

Step 6: Using the Yellow Nail Polish and the toothpick, define our cupcake frosting by drawing some outlines. Finally, put one pink heart confetti on the top of the frosting.
Don't forget to apply topcoat. And that's it, our cupcake nail art is done!

And, that's it for today!
Hope you guys liked it!

What do you gals think about today's nail art? Please don't forget to tell me thru your comments, and you can also suggest a nail art design that you want me to feature.

Till Next Time!


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pink Hearts Nail Design

Hi everyone!
Today's post is going to be very short ( i promise!) just wanna show you guys a design i did earlier this afternoon on a stray fake nail i saw in my nail art kit...

Warning: this is going to be uber pink..
Here we go..

I can't remember who among of my pinks, reds, and white babies (nail polishes) i used for this design, but if i'm not mistaken i used 7 different nail polish.

This is what it looks like after i applied a glitter top coat.

So, that's it for today..
Sorry for the very short post, hope you gals still liked it.

Till Next Time!