Friday, September 20, 2013

Charm Limit Nail Polish #21

Hi Everyone!
TGIF! This will be a super quick post... i got a lot of things in my do to list today, that's why i have to do this extra fast! LOL. So what i got for you today is an adorable matte glitter topper, here is..
Charm Limit Nail Polish #21
Continue reading after the jump to know more about this awesome glitter topper. :)

Charm Limit #21 is a very pretty clear based polish filled with tons of large, medium, and small black hex, medium and small white hex, and lots of extra small and thin black and white bar glitters.The formula is a bit on the thick side, but still manageable. On my nails is one coat over sassy iced mint.

More pics!

Here's a macro shot of my nails.

And lastly, a bottle macro shot.
And that's it for today!
Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Till next time!

Paula :)

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  1. hi, do you know where can i buy this glittered nail polish?