Sunday, September 15, 2013

OMG Oh My Golly Prom Queen Swatches and Review

Hello Everyone!
Happy Sunday! So this is going to be a very quick post.. i'm in a hurry hehehe... What i got for you guys today is an awesome lilac polish from OMG, it's a popular nail polish brand here in the Philippines.
Here is OMG Prom Queen..
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OMG Prom Queen is a Lilac Creme filled with lots of silver shimmer. On my nails are two thin coats, it's quite pigmented and the formula is a bit on the thick side but still application is a breeze, and lastly drying time is soo amazing.
More pics!

And that's it for today! i told you this is going to be super quick! LOL.

OMG Oh My Golly Nail Colors is a 3FREE nail polish and retails for only PHP18.00 (wow that's cheap!) that's why i love this brand ;)

Till next time!

Paula :)

*the product featured is purchased by me, and all opinions are my own. ;)

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