Saturday, April 7, 2012


Hey Guys!
Finally! i'm soo back to blogging again after a month of being MIA, i really missed you guys... and for my new followers both here(G friend connect) and at Facebook thank you so much for supporting my blog *sniffs. And so, enough of my drama, i have a lot of catching up to do here at NAIL POLISH WORLD (yeah, that's what i call this crazy, colorful blog) *laughs.. I just realized that there's a lot of new nail polishes/ nail polish collections when i visited the local mall last week, and one of them is..

..the ORLY COOL ROMANCE collection..
Cool Romance was Orly's Spring 2012 nail polish collection.

The following are the nail polishes from the Orly Cool Romance Collection..
What's your favorite?

First up is Faint of Heart which is described as a soft grey creme, i can also describe this one as a GREIGE   aka: the combination of grey and beige.

 Next up is You're blushing, it's described as a Wisteria Creme, i'll describe this one as grey-ish pink.

And this one is Jealous Much? (yeah the name of this nail polish is more of a question) hahaha.. this one is a Mint Creme.

Next is Artificial Sweetener (when i hear the name of this polish, all i can think about are the sachets of sugar that diabetics use to sweeten their drink and food... *laughs) the color of this one made me think of cotton candy ;).. it's described as a Dusty Rose polish filled with subtle shimmer.

The next one is called Steel your heart, (what a very nice name ;) ) it's described as Charcoal Shimmer, but for me it looks like gunmetal,  hmm.. what do you think?

Last but not the least is Prelude to a kiss, described as a pastel pink creme.. it looks more of a pastel orange or pastel peach creme to me.

And finally for the finale, i'll show you guys a swatch of Faint of Heart which is my favorite color from the whole collection.. fortunately, i was able to buy 1 out of the 6 colors of  the Orly Cool Romance Collection.

NOTE: my aunt was the first one to try the Orly Faint of Heart that i bought when she asked me if i can do her nails because she's attending a party, it was fun doing her manicure.
Here are her nails painted with Orly Faint of Heart.

The formula of this one is OK, and application is a breeze, also it have just the right amount of thickness, not to thick, neither too thin, and the pigmentation is great! :)

All in all the whole Cool Romance collection for me is quite awesome, and i really love the cool pastel shades, while everyone is sporting bright and neon colors on their nails, this collection is like a breath of fresh air. ;)
Also, one thing that i love about ORLY (aside from the rubber cap) is that it's 3FREE aka Free of DBP, TOLUENE and FORMALDEHYDE.

The Orly Cool Romance collection is sold Php349.75 (just like their other nail polish colors)
and it's available at Landmark Trinoma, Purebeauty, First Aid Greenbelt, PCX (ATC, Rockwell, Ermita), Beauty by SM (Megamall, Makati, and Fairveiw) and Watsons at Greenbelt 5. (not sure if i listed them all, sorry if i missed a store..)

And that's it for today! Hope you guys are happy with my comeback :) Don't forget to tell me what you think about this post thru your comments.

Till next time,



  1. Yey! Welcome back! (^^,)
    I want You're blushing. Hihi. I need to go to Trinoma na. (^^,)

    1. Hey! thank you! :)
      I usually buy my nail polishes din at Trinoma or SM North Edsa..
      I think we should be shopping buddies! hehehe.. :)

    2. Oooooohhhh, coool! Yes, we should definitely be shopping buddies! Haha. Maybe we bumped into each other na without realizing it! Haha. I'm usually the girl with the backpack who contorts her curvaceous body to fit in the minute aisles, lol.

    3. Siguro nga... hahaha... We can go to expo's together din :) You can get my contact details by sending me a personal message at Facebook :) my FB name is Paula Grace Fermin... :) i'll be expecting a message from you sis! ;)

    4. Okeeeee. I'll login on Facebook na and send you a pm. Hehe. So excited! I've never been to an expo before.

  2. Jealous Much is lovely, I love it on my toes :)

  3. Wow, Artificial Sweetener is beautiful.. oh and by the way, posting where Orly nail polish is available is a huge help... Thanks! ;)