Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet Cherry Nail Polish NEON PINK

Hello everyone!
Here again for another edition of pink Wednesdays! Haha... it's been a while since my last post, i know, being MIA is becoming my habit, but worry not because i promise you guys that i'm going to post more than one(1) update per day if i have time, i have lot's of new nail polishes.., meaning lot's of new swatches in my vault... hehe... and i'm also planning of doing something new here in my blog so stay tuned ladies...
Anyways... let go back to the real business.. let me show you..

Sweet Cherry Neon Pink
I know... it does not look pink in this pic.. lame.. (this is taken indoors w/ flash)

Sweet Cherry Neon Pink is obviously a neon pink nail polish.. ;)
On my nails are two thick coats of neon pink, the formula of this one is quite thin, meaning it's very prone to cuticle pooling, pigmentation is quite OK.

Here are more pics! Taken outdoors under the shade..

Another pic taken indoors w/ flash. i wonder why the color looks different when under the flash..

The ff. taken outdoors under direct sunlight..

So that's it for today! hope you guys liked it....
And as always.. keep your comments coming...
And also, if you have questions, please feel free to ask..

Till next time,



  1. i had this before,,, i dont quite like neon polish but this one is beautiful

  2. Wow it's a pink orange hybrid! I enjoy your pink Wednesdays :)